Protect Yourself for Activities and Enjoy These 15 Attractions of Bucharest

Thinking about things to do in Bucharest is sometimes not easy since Bucharest is usually unfairly underestimated. But the intelligent traveler will do well to place it on the same list of essential Central European capitals. 

Bucharest very pleasantly surprises the unannounced traveler with a quite remarkable historical-artistic heritage, a charming and pedestrianized historic center, and substantial green areas.

Budget travelers also have the advantage of being able to enjoy a full and very economical air journey to Bucharest. Which makes it a perfect destination for a few-day getaway or a full tour of the country.

Here is a tour of fifteen things to do in Bucharest: fantastic sports, historic buildings, parks, gardens, restaurants, bars, and museums, with a final stop at Bellu Cemetery.

Entertain Yourself, Play Hilarious Bubble Football and Various Other Sports

Bucharest is looking entirely like any other European capital in terms of entertaining activities to fulfill the afternoon. Visitors increasingly use golf courses and play bubble football after a couple of drinks. 

It will surely bring laughing tears to your eyes as you return to childhood once more. Be it a dangerous activity or a funny one. Make sure that you get your lace-up ankle brace so that you don’t hurt yourself so far away without any kind of insurance.

Make a Bachelor Party There

Yep, you heard me right and let me tell you a little bit more about bachelor opportunities in Bucharest. There is a great reason why thousands of bachelor crews arrive in Romanian capital every week. First of all, the nightlife representation is top-notch, and every taste gets satisfied wherever you go. 

Second of all, the pricing. Bucharest is 30-40% more affordable than other European capitals. That information will be convenient once you start calling for the 10th round. Add on top of that Romanian ladies are some of the most attractive in this part of the world. 

And that would be the winning formula. Don’t hesitate to plan your bachelor weekend in Bucharest because these ladies will certainly not hesitate to join your party.

Byzantine Music and Beers in the Stavropoleos Street

The Stavropoleos Church, a 17th-century Byzantine-style Recoleta jewel that houses a community of nuns and a renowned Byzantine music choir, is well worth a visit. 

As a counterpoint to spiritual recollection, it is recommended to have a beer, lunch or dinner at the very nearby Caru ‘Cu bere. It’s a city institution that dates from 1879 and retains a dazzling neo-Gothic decoration.


Although there is no better reminder of dark times then this colossal architectural aberration, it is almost a must to visit the second-largest public building in the world. 

The one that was Casa Poporului of the megalomaniac Ceaucescu and which today houses the Parliament and the National Museum of Contemporary Art. We are of course talking about The Palace of Parliament.

A Picnic at Lake Herastrau

Nothing is more comfortable than buying some food, drinks and renting an hour of the boat on the lake of this park (for just over a euro!.) It’s an excellent solution for the perfect picnic.

Opera and Classical Music in Bucharest

The Opera National Bucuresti provides excellent programming between October and June. The Enescu Festival, in September, is one of the most reputed on the European scene. And the Athenaeum, the most dazzling architectural scene in the city, the headquarters of the prestigious George Enescu Philharmonic.

A Walk Through the Romanian Tradition

The Village Museum covers an area of ​​15 hectares next to the Herastrau Park, and it houses more than 200 buildings that faithfully represent the varied famous architecture of the country’s regions. 

Farmhouses, rural churches or mills are decorated with typical tools and instruments, getting to evoke the Romanian rural life intensely.

Botanical Garden

This is one of the most pleasant and beautiful spots in the city. Frequently visited by locals, especially on weekends and you should definitely spend a couple of hours in this lush paradise.

Museum of Natural History

Probably one of the best Natural History museums in Europe, founded in 1834 and remodeled in 2011.

Romantic Walk by Calea Victoriei

This long avenue, with heavy traffic on weekdays, becomes a peaceful and perfect scenario on Sundays to capture good photos or simply admire a long list of historic buildings. Parks and squares that you will discover in a walk of more than two kilometers from Plaza Victoriei to Plaza Natiouliner Unite are merely unforgettable. 

You will encounter the National Library, Athenaeum, National Bank Military Circle, Casino Palace, Odeon Theater, Cretulescu Church…

George Enescu National Museum

Life, work and memorabilia of the most famous composer in the country in a beautiful 19th-century building, the Cantacuzino Palace.

Visit Hanul Lui Manuc

Hanul Lui Manuc is the oldest and best-preserved hotel in Eastern Europe. It was built in 1808 by the powerful and wealthy Armenian merchant Emanuel Marzaian, known as Manuc Bey by the Turks. 

Throughout the nineteenth century, it was both the favorite place of shelter and business of the merchants in the area and caravan arriving from far away. Today it houses a hotel, a restaurant, a cafeteria, and a wine cellar.

Discover Agricultural Romania in the Obor Market

One of the best ways to take the pulse of a city is to visit one of its markets. The largest and most colorful in Bucharest is the Piata Obor, where we can find the best of the agricultural products of the villages near the capital. It’s very magnetizing to immerse yourself in an explosion of colors, smells, and sounds. 

A must-see for those sagacious travelers who want to discover the real-life of Bucharest and enjoy the human spectacle.

Enjoy the Most Famous Names of National Cuisine

Romanian cuisine is an exquisite mixture of traditional Balkan cuisine with influences from the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires. 

Virtually everything revolves around meat and its derivatives, often accompanied by “mămăligă” (Romanian version of the polenta). 

Undoubtedly, the star dish is Sarmale, cabbage rolls stuffed with minced meat, whose variants we can enjoy throughout the Balkan Peninsula. 

What better place to taste it than the capital of Romania, with its many restaurants specializing in traditional Romanian cuisine.

Last Stop, in the Bellu Cemetery

Among things to do in Bucharest, you could not miss another historical monument. Bellu Cemetery dazzles by its lavish statuary and also houses an impressive central chapel of the late nineteenth. It is a National Historic Landmark, and a must-stop for a beautiful picture.

In Conclusion

There are many more than just fifteen amazing things that you can do in this historic city. We highly advise you to travel at least 3 days to this city to fully explore all of its riches. 

Be careful that you plan your trip ahead and not forget to check out some of those fantastic sites that will leave you breathless.

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