3 Minneapolis Neighborhoods You Won’t Want to Miss

When planning your Minneapolis vacation, knowing in what neighborhood to stay is a key factor in ensuring you have the best visit possible. Choose your neighborhood based on the activities you’d love to do while you’re there, and let Himpunk.com find great Minneapolis hotel options for you to explore.


Boating and Recreation in the Hale Neighborhood

You may be the sort of traveler who enjoys nature over urban scenes. If that’s the case, stay in Minneapolis’ neighborhood of Hale. Its location near Lake Nokomis is the perfect blend of city and scenery. Buses at nearby bus stops will take you the thirteen minute ride into the city’s center or many other Minneapolis locations, while the neighborhood itself provides a nice escape from the bustle of the city.

Lake Nokomis is one of Minneapolis’ sailing spots. It has beaches and paths, and you can rent a number of watercrafts, including canoes, for an aquatic adventure in the lake’s 210 acres of water. Kids will love the playground, a unique spherical structure that gives traditional play a fun twist.

Stay for Cheap During Peak Season in Near North

Because of Minneapolis’ rather inhospitable winter temperatures, vacationers make Minneapolis a summer destination. Don’t let higher hotel prices and larger crowds scare you away from a Minneapolis vacation, though, even if you want to visit during a festival weekend or a summer holiday. The Near North neighborhood is residential and a little out of the way, but it’s a great place to find Airbnb listings.

The Willard Hay area, situated up against Near North, is another quiet place to look for temporary residential lodging. Don’t worry about getting around, either. Even if you stay off the beaten path, the bus has many stops in these neighborhoods, and you’ll be in the heart of downtown in minutes. Near North and Willard Hay boast a considerable amount of historic architecture, so take advantage of your serene surroundings by walking through the streets and admiring the picturesque homes.


Midtown Makes for Great Urban Exploration

Minneapolis’ Downtown area is an obvious spot to stop during your Minneapolis vacation. But consider taking a trip to Midtown as well. The neighborhood, which has popped up as an up-and-coming place to be in the last decade, hosts a lot of activities that will get you closer to the heart of the city.

The Midtown Global Market is a unique shopping area with an international theme worth exploring for its clever gift ideas you won’t find anywhere else. Midtown also hosts the Greenway, a 5.5 mile biking and walking trail that runs through a former railroad corridor. Go far enough west and you’ll hit some beautiful lakes. Find accommodations that are both affordable and comfortable at the Sheraton Minneapolis Midtown.

Don’t stay at the first hotel that pops up in your search engine. Lodge near the things you want to see and do. Picking the right area makes all the difference, and you’ll love Minneapolis all the more for making the trip your own.

Where’s your favorite place to stay in Minneapolis? Drop a comment and tell us!


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