4 Fun Things to do in Scarborough

Scarborough is a wonderful destination that’s perfect for couples wanting a romantic get away or for families looking for a good balance of outdoor activities with activities to keep the kids happy. From Peasholm park, to the charming Scarborough Fair Collection you’ll be able to delight all family members. During your stay, why not find a nice hotel to stay in Scarborough to get your trip off to a great start. If you’re hunting for things to do, check out my list of fun things to do in Scarborough:

Peasholm Park: This is the perfect destination to go with your family or as a couple. It’s a lovely, expansive park. There are newly replaced dragon boats, and there’s plenty of things to do. Bring a picnic and this will be a fun, inexpensive memorable day for the whole family.

The Scarborough Fair Collection: If you like stepping back in time and admiring the workmanship of the past, a visit to Scarborough Fair Collection is sure to delight you. Filled with vintage cars, the collection is well maintained and you can even see some of the cars being driven. For the kids, or the young at heart, there are some older arcade machines that you can buy old pennies to play – how fun!

South Cliff Italian Gardens: For me there’s nothing more refreshing than a brisk walk in nature. It does wonders for my soul and the fresh air makes me feel vibrant and revitalized. These gardens are well kept, and are filled with beautiful flower beds. The area itself is very clean and is especially stunning on a warm, sunny day. Be mindful that it’s a bit of a climb to get there, so may not be the best option for those of us with mobility restrictions. If you visit on a chilly day, there’s a lovely tea shop nearby where you can get a warm cuppa.

PlayDate Farm Park: Perhaps the best attraction in Scarborough for kids, the Playdate Farm Park is the perfect fusion between a petting zoo and a playground. The place isn’t huge, but there’s a lot to offer in small space, ensuring that the kids will be properly entertained. It’s a great value-for-money attraction and sure to result in some small smiling faces at the end of the day.

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