5 Reasons You Need Travel Insurance

Traveling is one of my favourite hobbies, which I’m sure is not surprising considering I have a travel blog. I love traveling and suggest to everyone that they take some time to travel out in their lives if they can, even if it’s around their home town or country. It’s fun to act like a tourist whether it’s nearby or far abroad, snapping photos, trying new places and visiting museums and galleries with a child-like fascination.

I always advise friends and family to never travel without at least buying cheap travel insurance when traveling overseas. There are so many things that can easily go wrong, and having travel insurance will ensure things go as smoothly as possible. Here are my top 4 reasons you need to have travel insurance:

1. For Your Health
There’s actually nothing more important than your health or the health of your loved ones. Without health, there’s nothing. With this in mind, you never want to find yourself overseas and unable to cover the cost of medical bills. Things can end up expensive really quickly and that’s just the standard health care costs, not taking into consideration things such as air lifting out of a far-flung destination.

2. For Your Material Things
Most insurance policies cover items such as cellphones, laptops and cameras. You may have to pay more to have your electronics covered, but the truth is you’ll find it extremely valuable if something goes wrong. I’ve had a very expensive camera stolen and accidentally shattered my laptop screen. Luckily I had travel insurance so my laptop was repaired and I was paid out money for the stolen camera, allowing me to buy a replacement.

3. If Something Goes Wrong Back Home
You’re on holiday somewhere exotic, maybe sipping cocktails on a beautiful beach in Thailand and you hear that something terrible has happened to a loved one back home. Do you have the spare cash for heavily inflated last-minute flight prices? Depending on the situation, your insurance may cover your flights back home as well as expenses to continue your journey again. There’s nothing worse than being away from family when something terrible has happened.
4. Dental Emergencies
Teeth are wonderful things: most of the time we never think about them and they just work. But when something goes wrong and you’re in excruciating¬†pain? Well you’re going to want to head to the best and closet dentist possible to get some serious pain relief and good dental care. This is something else that insurance coverage policies can take care of.

While it’s not fun to think of the worst case scenarios, it’s important to be honest about what kind of things can happen when we’re away from home and how we would financially cope with them. A little forward planning can save a whole lot of trouble down the line.

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