6 Tips for Traveling Abroad

Wherever in the world you go, your holiday is what you make it. Whether your plan is to sit by a pool or venture into the outback, here are six tips to getting the absolute most out of your trips abroad.

1. Engage with the locals

What’s the point of going abroad to sit in an all-inclusive hotel and eat knock-off English food? The answer? There’s isn’t one! The whole point of travelling should be to experiencing new sights, sounds and tastes; instead of sticking to what you know, venture off and try something new. Immerse yourself in the local culture, pick up the lingo, and encounter a totally new set of customs and cuisines.

2. Don’t pack too much stuff

9/10 times, holiday makers drastically over do it when it comes to packing. Half the stuff in your suitcase is unnecessary, and a waste of valuable luggage space that could be used to transport home souvenirs and memories of your sight-seeing adventures. Ideally, all you need is a couple of t-shirts, some good quality mens underwear, a hoody, a pair of comfy joggers, shorts, and a sturdy back-pack. If you pick something up and aren’t immediately sure whether you need it or not, chances are it can stay home where it belongs.

3. Take plenty of pictures

The whole point of travelling is to create fantastic new experiences that will stay with you forever; help solidify those experiences forever by taking photographs of everything you encounter. Nowadays, most mobile phones come with an in-built camera, but there’s still no shame in being a full-on tourist and investing in a hand-held, state-of-the-art camera.

4. Take care of yourself

Travelling has a tendency to throw us completely out of whack, either as a result of jet-lag disrupting our sleep-patterns or new and exciting foods playing havoc with our digestive tracts. It’s still possible to eat healthily even when travelling and staying active should be a priority. Staying hydrated is a necessity, too, particularly in hot countries where it’s easy to dehydrate. Pack a basic first-aid kit with you and keep it in your backpack.

5. Take out travel insurance

No-one expects to be injured, robbed or otherwise left in a state of misfortune on holiday but the sad reality is that sometimes, the unexpected does happen and holiday makers are left in a pickle with no way out. The costs of seeking medical attention – even for the most minor of injuries – can be eye-watering and down-right expensive, but having travel insurance means you’ll be able to access medical care when you need it without having to worry about how you’re going to pay it off.

6. Stray off the beaten path

Nowadays, most places have designated tourist routes and tourist guides to show you the most famous tourist attractions. While these are no doubt worth experiencing, it’s also worth asking around and seeking sites which aren’t as well-known. Say ‘yes’ to activities which aren’t necessarily on your to-do-lists, such as hiking or kayaking or rock-climbing, and enjoy the irresistible thrill of stepping out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself.

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