Adventures on the High Seas: Cruise Holidays for the Active

From rock climbing to sky diving, the activities on modern cruise liners are becoming more and more diverse as cruise holidays continue to become more inclusive of all ages and tastes. Eschewing the stereotypical perception of the cruise holidaymaker as overly formal, stuffy members of the upper classes, forward thinking liners are pushing the boundaries of what you can do on the open seas.

Cruise Pool


The ultimate holiday sport – a good round of Golf combines sun-filled walk through picturesque landscapes with a slight competitive edge. Alongside golf-specific cruises, many ships include golfing facilities for passengers of all ages and also dock in destinations famed for their beautiful courses. Cruise1st offers a number of cruises that allow passengers the chance to enjoy the award-winning golf courses in Florida, including the Seminole Golf Club which is considered by many critics to be one of the World’s finest examples of golf course routing.

Sky Diving

Royal Caribbean’s Quantum Class of cruise liners are the first in the World to include iFly ripcord skydiving simulators – the first skydiving at sea experiences available. This unique opportunity enables passengers to experience the thrill of flying high above the ocean.

Zip Lines

Want something a little bit faster than sky diving whilst still flying through the air? Royal Caribbean’s Zip Line launches you high above the rest of the passengers as you take in views of the ocean for miles all around you.

Cruise Zipline


On-board the smooth sailing cruise liner, riding man-made waves may seem like a slightly surreal experience, wave pools with tethered surfing facilities offer passengers the opportunity to engage in fun and safe surfing. Practice your moves before pulling into port and impressing the local surf heads.

Track Training

With the sea air blowing through your hair and dedicated running lanes opened up for those working on their fitness; the ocean liner is the perfect place to get your running shoes back on. Meet like-minded individuals who share your passion for fitness and running on the dedicated lanes and compete for personal bests whilst sharing stunning ocean views.

Gym Classes

Many of the World’s biggest liners employ fitness experts and gym leaders who provide complimentary classes for passengers. Give Zumba or Spin classes a go with your fellow passengers. This is a fantastic way for you to work off the calories before another night enjoying the complimentary bar.


Kids’ Pools, Classes and Activities

Cruise holidays offer a fantastic opportunity for children to expand their socials circles and meet other like-minded kids through the supervised activities on board. On-board water parks are excellent workouts for kids whilst they have fun with their peers. This also gives you an opportunity to check out some of the more mature activities available on the liner.

On-Shore Excursions

Docking up at a new port presents cruise passengers a fantastic workout and learning opportunity. Hikes into areas of cultural significance can be great exercise for the body and for the mind. Cruising around the Greek Islands opens up a World of learning opportunities, introducing passengers to the birthplace of ancient physician, Hippocrates and the supposed site of Aphrodite’s fountain of love.

Some cruise liners also keep mountain bikes on board for passengers to use during their excursions.

Snorkelling and Scuba Diving

When the cruise ship pulls out of the deep water and into safer bodies of water with interesting underwater sights to explore, the snorkelling and scuba diving equipment emerges. Explore the undiscovered world and witness some of the ocean’s most mind-blowing and exceptional creatures.


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