Bali Travel Tips: What to do Before You Go?

Bali is an easy place to travel, even for those who are not used to traveling. However, as with anywhere in the world, it’s always good to know some tips from the local and unknown rules of the place before you go to a new place.

In this article, we’ll give you top tips for your next vacation to the Island of the Gods.

Choose the best location

It pays to put some thought into your chosen location, as hot weather and stressful traffic are likely to make you just stay to your hotel, guesthouse or Bali villas for rent rather than walk around or ride in taxis. Kuta isn’t the best for you if you’re looking for real R&R. If you’re into shopping and eating, a week on Nusa Lembongan isn’t likely to leave your fully satisfied. Find the best location depending on your personal taste and likes to do.

  • Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak – These three are the epitome of sophistication in Bali, Indonesia. These are perfect for you if you’re into shopping, dining, and partying. Some of the best things to do here include early morning breakfast at Revolver, sunset drinks at Potato Head Beach Club, people watching on Kuta Beach, and eating and shopping at Jalan Laksmana.
  • Greater Canggu – This is perfect if you’re into sports and adventure such as bowling, tennis, and water sports. All these are available at the Canggu Club where you can join other tourists visiting Tabanan’s Pura Tanah Lot temple.
  • Bukit Peninsula, Nusa Dua, and Jimbaran Bay – Bukit Peninsula offers world-famous waves in Ulu Watu, surf-shack vibes in Bingin, and clear waters in Dreamland and Padang Padang. Some of the main attractions here include Ayana Resort, the Rock Bar, and Jimbaran Bay. Jimbaran Bay is for tourist looking for the best seafood in Bali while Nusa Dua is for elegant and luxury travel.
  • Ubud and Central Bali – These places are the haven for spiritual, artistic and alternative. Some of the best places to visit here are the valleys off Mount Batukara, rice terraces of Munduk, the botanical garden and lakes of Bedugul, and Tirta Empul Temple’s holy water bathing site.

Dress for the occasion

Most restaurants, clubs and high-end bars require a dress code before entering the facility. If you’re not sure, call them or check their guidelines on the internet to save yourself from potential embarrassment of being turned away.

Choose the beach that suits your mood

It’s undeniable that Bali is blessed with countless natural wonders and you would want to visit all of them. However, if you have limited time only, you’d like to visit the best beach that suits your mood. Here are the top beaches in Bali if you’re looking for ultimate surf waves, most family-friendly beach and diving destinations.

  • Seminyak Beach – Along this stunning 5 kilometre stretch of white sand, you’ll see plenty of beach bars, high-end hotels, restaurants and world-famous beach clubs dotting the sand.
  • Balangan Beach – If you’re into sunbathing and surfing, Balangan Beach is perfect for you. This beach is best known its awesome waves for both beginners and pros. It’s best for backpackers who prefer a cool tropical vibe rather than pumping party scene.
  • Echo Beach – Echo beach is best for people watching. It has tons of surfing spots in every direction and bars dotted along the black sands for an awesome view.
  • Sundays Beach Club – If you don’t want a beach with too many tourists, Sunday Beach Club is perfect for you. It’s best for exclusivity. It boasts an exclusive white sand bay, turquoise blue water, and an offshore coral reef.
  • White Sand Beach (Pasir Putih) – White Sand Beach, also known as Pasir Putih, is off-the-beaten-path and remote beach that adventurous road trippers will love. It’s located on the East Coast of Bali, few kilometers away from the village of Candidasa.
  • Padang Padang Beach – This beach is best for bay-watching. The best time to visit here in during sunrise where you can see Padang Padang in all its natural and dazzling glory.

Respect religious customs

You need to plan accordingly if your travel dates fall in March or April during Nyepi, the day of silence, as most of the establishments and even the airports shut down for the entire day. Don’t forget to always dress modestly and learn the proper conduct when visiting holy sites and temples to give respect to their religious customs.

Respect the ocean

Even if you’re a professional surfer or just an avid beach-goer, you should always take extra care and don’t swim alone, as powerful waves, exposed rocks, and strong currents can be dangerous. Respect the beach by not leaving any garbage including cigarette butts. It will get sucked into the ocean when the tide comes in which may give a bad effect on the marine ecosystem.

Bargain respectfully

Bargain respectfully and put a smile on your face when asking for a much lower price on items or services in Bali. You’ll never know when the seller/vendor has reached their limit. When in doubt, just walk away and if the vendor doesn’t come after you, you know they aren’t prepared to drop their price.

Remember that low season often means rainy season

Take note that January to April and October to November is rainy season in Bali, so be mindful when planning your trip. You may get a great discount on tours or hotels, but if you end up spending most of your time indoors, think again if making the trip was worth it. Good thing is that the rains are mostly limited to brief afternoon downpours, so your vacation isn’t like to be a total write-off.


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