Benefits of using Android

Wondering what these advantages might be? Below, we list some of the major benefits of using an Android device to bring you up to speed on why so many people are drawn to this OS. Here’s a look at some of the top benefits that come with owning an Android phone.

Open Source Platform

Android is open source, meaning it can be modified by developers to create unique applications and experiences if you would like to play online gaming on android visit and stand a chance to win big. This makes it easier for developers to create powerful apps that are fully customized to the user’s needs.


The customization options available with Android devices are far greater than those of other operating systems. From the home screen to the lock screen, you can customize almost every aspect of your device’s look and feel. You can even customize the way you access certain features, like adding a shortcut for your favourite app on the home screen.


Android phones come with a variety of accessibility settings, making them ideal for people with disabilities or special needs. Users can easily adjust their settings to ensure their device is as accessible as possible.

Variety of Apps

Android has the largest selection of apps available for download, with over two million apps in the Google Play store. This means that you can find an app for almost anything you need, from productivity tools to entertainment and gaming.

Affordable Prices

Android phones are generally more affordable than iPhones, making them a great choice for those on a budget. You can get a good quality device for much less than you would pay for an iPhone or other similar devices.

Flexible Storage

With Android devices, you can easily expand your storage capacity with an external memory card. This is great for those who need more space for apps, music and other media.


Android devices offer a variety of advantages over other operating systems, making them the perfect choice for those looking for a powerful, customizable and affordable device. Moreover, your android phone can allow you to access wolfwinner online casino games in the comfort of your home and enjoy a variety of games available there.

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