Best places to travel in 2019

Are you beginning to plan your 2019? If so, choosing a destination can be difficult. With so many amazing places in the world, how do you narrow it down?

Here are some of the best places to travel in 2019:

Las Vegas

Vegas is always a good idea. Whether you’re planning a girls weekend, bachelor party, or even taking the kids, there’s plenty to do here. If you’ve always wondered what is the biggest casino in the world, or you love the idea of shopping, clubbing, and hitting up the incredible buffets, Las Vegas is an excellent option. You can also easily head to the Grand Canyon from Vegas, or even take a helicopter tour and enjoy champagne at the bottom of the canyon.


There really is something for everyone in Thailand. Whether you want to head south to the beaches, explore the city of Bangkok, or ride a scooter through the mountains in the North, you’ll never be bored. The ‘Big Mango’ is well worth a visit, and you’ll love the incredible shopping, Big Buddha, and more. Head north to Chiang Mai, where you can talk to monks, explore temples, wander the night markets, and eat delicious street food.


Guatemala is having a moment, so now’s the time to visit before it becomes overrun with tourists. Get out of the city and head straight to Antigua- a little colonial town where you’ll find coffee plantations, excellent restaurants, cobblestone streets, and many language skills where you can improve your Spanish.

Lake Atitlan is beautiful, and there are numerous towns surrounding the lake- whether you want to spend your days drinking beer or shopping. You can also hire a whole house with amazing views of the lake.

If you love history, you’ll love Tikal. Fly into Flores, where you’ll stay and then drive to Tikal to explore the Mayan ruins.

New Zealand

Sure, the flight is long, but it’s well worth it. Just make sure you can get enough time off work to make the flight worth it, recover from your jetlag, and explore both islands.

In the North Island, you’ll find Auckland, the biggest city in the country, and Wellington- the nation’s capital. In the South Island, you’ll find many of the sights that were made famous in Lord of the Rings. Hire a campervan and drive south, where you’ll eventually spend a few days in beautiful Queenstown.

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