Best Things to Know About European River Cruises

European river cruises come second to none when it comes to offering travellers unique experiences across their myriad destinations all over Europe. From medieval towns, cosmopolitan cities, nightlife to art, architecture, and much more.

As you sail through the Majestic European rivers, you get to enjoy the comfort, luxury, and amenities rivalling that of five-star hotels, all offered by river cruises across Europe. Additionally, cruise lines in Europe such as Viking river cruises, Uniworld river cruises, and Scenic river cruises offer immersive itineraries to choose from, which are updated every year.

Here are the best things to know about river cruises in Europe.

They offer cruises across the continent

Most if not all European countries offer river cruises, with many of the river cruises consisting of less than 150 travellers with staff included. This means you are likely to form bonds with other travellers onboard a European river cruise with each of you experiencing a whole different experience cruising into some of the most visited European countries.

They offer Cruise across Europe by River

Picking the right destination might be overwhelming at first but cruises across Europe offer travellers an array of cruise travel destinations. One being cruising by rivers. Europe boasts of great rivers that offer travellers a chance to explore and discover the culture, architecture, art, cuisine, nightlife only to mention a few.

Some of the most prized rivers for cruising across Europe include: The Douro River

Danube River, Main River, Moselle River, Rhine River, Seine River, and the Elbe River

Cruises across Europe offer Customized river cruise Itinerary

Not only do Cruises in Europe offer luxurious accommodation and amenities but they also offer customized cruise itineraries such as pre or post-cruise extensions at an affordable price. Additionally, cruise lines offer tour guides in their excursions who hold deep knowledge of their most prized travel destinations in Europe.

However, each cruise line offers different itineraries but regardless of which cruise line you choose, you are guaranteed to have a luxurious journey as you experience all Europe has to offer.

They offer an all-inclusive package deal

For first-time travellers, cruises across Europe offer an all-inclusive package deal which should help in the planning stage of your cruise, making the process less overwhelming.

Additionally, all-inclusive package deals feature every excursion in their itineraries meaning you get to save some money.

However, you should double-check all-inclusive package deals as each cruise line features different options. Nevertheless, most cruise lines if not all offer free beverages and drinks while you enjoy your meal. Also, you could request a themed itinerary if you are an enthusiast in history, art, culture, and much more as there are themed cruises in Europe that particularly cater to your interests.


Cruises in Europe offer travellers a chance to explore and discover the rich heritage and culture of the continent, as they feature amazing itineraries and five-star amenities. Furthermore, there are no hidden fees on cruises in Europe. However, tips for the staff are not included in the itineraries.

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