Can’t Travel? Here’s how to feel like you’re on the Move

If you’ve recently spent some time travelling overseas, once you return home it can feel very depressing to know that you’re destined for the same nine-to-five that everyone else is doing, and seeing the same people you always see.

This feeling is not uncommon, and many people will get the “post travel blues”, experience reverse culture shock, or even begin planning where they’ll travel next. If you’ve just been on an amazing trip, it’s highly likely that you’ll need to stay at home and work for a while first, so we have some tips to help you feel like you’re on the move, even when you can’t travel yet and you’re still at home:


Cook up a Storm

Many people say that one of their favourite parts of traveling is when they get to experience all of the foods and flavours from around the world. Tasting new food is an excellent way to learn about the culture and history of a country, and there’s no reason why you can’t continue to do this once you’ve arrived back home.

Commit to trying a new type of food each week (ideally a different type of international cuisine), and if you ask around your group of friends, you’ll find that it’s likely that you’ll find some that want to try new foods along with you.

If you tasted exquisite food overseas, there’s no reason why you can’t make it at home. Sign up for a cooking class, and you’ll soon be cooking Indian, Thai, Chinese and more.


Bring Vegas to you

If you loved gambling overseas, and counted places like Las Vegas, Macao, Monaco and Atlanta among your favourites, you can still get the same adrenaline rush at home, without spending the money on travel.

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Meet New People

Another reason why we love travel so much, is the fact that we’re constantly meeting new and interesting people. While we naturally seem to have more in common with others who prioritise the same things we do- e.g. travel, there’s no reason why you can’t keep meeting new people when you’re at home.

When we’re back in our comfort zones, where we already have a group of friends, it can be easy to get into a bubble and avoid meeting new people, but this is a mistake. Instead, commit to meeting people who are visiting your hometown- either by signing up to Facebook groups, couchsurfing, or hiring out a room on AirBnb. This will give you the opportunity to show people the things you love about your home town.

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