Why Choose a Samsung Smartphone

My love for Samsung devices goes way back! It started when I switched from Nokia years back. I found Samsung phones easy to use and cheap to acquire, too. Yes, here and there, there are a few blunders. To note is last year’s Note 7 which hit the brand hard. However, it still remains a favourite brand among many. And this is why we choose a Samsung smartphone any day. Read on as we give you other reasons why Samsung remains a leader. Did you know that you can also access real money casinos in newzealand app using your smart phone.

Why Choose a Samsung Smartphone

Great Design

Samsung smartphones have a design that is hard to beat. You will agree that most Android phones look basic. However, Samsung goes all out with their colours and screens. For this reason, Samsung phones are beautiful to look at and are well built.

Water Resistant Tech

Almost all new phones now are water resistant. However, it was Samsung that introduced the technology with its Galaxy S7 smartphone. This was at a time when no other competitor had such technology. Even with a toddler running around the house, I worry not. You know your phone will be safe from water damage.

Expandable Storage

Videos, images, documents and movies will definitely take up a lot of space from your phone. Also, with busy schedules and all, you might not have the time to move your files to your cloud. This is why you definitely need expandable memory. All Samsung phones allow you to install memory cards. Inevitably, you will have plenty of space on your phone. Great plus even though you no longer need it to play online casino gambling games. These games are now available to play instantly on the browser


No doubt, Samsung smartphones come with great speeds. Yes, there are much faster phones on the market but still, Samsung phones don’t disappoint. Usually, other phones slow down or freeze when you use certain applications. However, this is not the case with Samsung phones. In fact, they continue to work at full speed no matter what you are doing.

Great Camera

Samsung has the best phone cameras in the world! In fact, they take amazing shots in all types of lighting. Furthermore, they have great selfie cameras too.

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