Destination Weddings For Performers


Throughout history, artistic people have lived in a world the rest of us barely see. They live in a world where art is more than a painting or a statue, it is an expression of the creator. In the world a performer, music flows through their veins and the world is full of beauty and promise.


When a performer plans a destination wedding it goes beyond the venue and the colors. They create an event that is culturally and spiritually one. It is creative and uniquely theirs.

The Destination

Any true lover of art and culture has a burning desire to visit Florence, Italy. This city is the stage for the historical art of Michelangelo, Di Vinci, and many more. Florence is home to the famous,  Florence Cathedral. The city is heaven for art lovers.


Of course, any art lover would be thrilled to go to London or to tour the grounds of the Louvre. Another exciting destination is the underground art performers of Tokyo. In the United States, few places can compare to the art of New York City.

The Wedding

The wedding decor and dress are subject to the event. Some couples allow their friends and family who are students of dance, music, and art to perform at the ceremony or the reception. The focus is on the magic of love. Dance gear is ordered from pro vendors like Alexandra Costumes. There are many theaters that will rent their facility for weddings. There is nothing more beautiful. The theater will have lighting, sound, and you can ask them for any decor they have available. This is a good reason to select a wedding theme or era before you speak to the theater manager.


Often times the dancers perform and the lights are lowered. When they are once again turned up, the bride and groom have taken the center stage. The wedding begins. The elaborate performance makes a simple wedding dress beautifully understated. Vows are exchanged and the couple exits the venue together.

The reception

Food that is unique to the city that has been chosen is served. This group of people lives for the music and atmosphere of the exciting destination city. They drink wine and soak in the ambiance. There is electricity in the air and the group can hardly wait to see what is next.


The guest leaves the venue via limousine for a tour of the city. By night, the city is lit up adding romance to the atmosphere.


This is just the beginning. The honeymoon begins tomorrow and the couple has planned culture tours and exploration of the area.

Extraordinary honeymoon ideas

  • Take your group on a hot air balloon ride for an aerial view of the location.
  • Take a walk through the art district.
  • Arrange a festival in the park for your guests. End it with a parade to the hotel, complete with streamers and masks.
  • Arrange for a private tour of some of your favorite places.  


For the performer, the world is your stage. Share this happy time with the ones you love and make it an unforgettable adventure.


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