Five Reasons to Visit Antalya

While you’re in Turkey, make time to visit Antalya, a city that is located at the southwestern part of the country. Antalya is a tourist hub known for its share of historical sites and picturesque landscapes.You might be thinking of ditching Antalya since there are other places you could visit in Turkey. But don’t.

Flythomascook and spend a day or two in this coastal city, it’s really worth it.

Here are five reasons why you should go to Antalya:

1. It’s a coast in the Mediterranean Sea

Like almost all places that surround the Mediterranean, Antalya is just beautiful. The place does not disappoint the people who wish to view its natural beauty. The entire city is facing towards the Mediterranean Sea and it is lined with these gorgeous beaches. You have great choices, too. You can go to either Lara Plaji or Konyaalti Plaji – Plaji means beach. The Düden Falls is just near Lara Beach, so you could go there by boat, as a side trip to the beach.

Antalya View

2. It has a mountain

You might think that this reason sounds lame. In a way, it is, as there are a lot of places, not just in Turkey but in the world, that has mountains. But if you’re up for a good old road trip, Antalya is just the place for you. You can book a jeep safari across the Taurus Mountains, enjoy the natural scenery, and visit one village to another. Well, the Taurus Mountains are not exclusively part of Antalya. But the city is a good starting point to visit Taurus. You can even go skiing at Saklikent. It is very near to the city and you can reach the winter resort within 30 to 40 minutes.

3. It has a rich history

A place with extensive historical background is equals to many historical sites. And Antalya does not lack of any of it. There are many ancient ruins in Antalya and visiting each of them can take most of the time in your visit.

You can spend a few hours in Kaleiçi. This is the ancient part of Antalya and many of the old structures are preserved. It is not a ghost town where everything is strictly for your eyes only. The old city is still bustling with activity. As you stroll across the area, you can see that Kaleiçi was under a handful of empires through time because of the variation in architecture. Other historic sites include Termessos, Aspendos, Perge, and Phaselis.


4. Fresh Food

A gastronomic adventure is almost always part of holidays and trips. Antalya is blessed with fresh ingredients, particularly seafood and vegetables. Fresh seafood are cooked simply but they are of course delicious as they are fresh. Try some of the local dishes to complete your trip.

5. It is a package

Not all places offer the same convenience that you can get in Antalya. Almost everything is near to the town center. You go for a few minutes’ drive in any direction and you are bound to arrive somewhere that is interestingly different from where you came. In a day, if you’re up for it, you can go for a road trip and go skiing and few hours later, you can be at the beach.


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