Flighthub Reviews 5 Travel Destinations On A Budget

Travelling to any other destination is an enriching and eye-opening experience but it will cost you and drain your resources if you are not careful. The more budget-conscious zero in on the tips and travel trends that surface every year to get ideas on how to stretch the value of their money when travelling. One way is to stay on a budget or choose a travel destination that is value for money, such as the following:

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  1. Cape Point, South Africa

Cape Point is the southwestern point of South Africa, accessible by a tour bus from Cape Town for $35 for a whole-day tour. Travelling to Cape Point is easy: more than ten hours from most major points of origin and a relative bargain when using the major airlines. Though not as inexpensive as visiting lesser-known or lesser developed South African countries, South Africa has an impressive tourism infrastructure that more than makes up for this initial cost, thus building up value.

  1. Bangkok, Thailand

Thai food is a must-try. Thailand is another popular tourist destination, especially for those with budgets on their minds. The tropical paradise feel of the country and the exotic flavours attract travellers from all over the world.

  1. Mexico City, Mexico

Considered as cheap for most travel services, including accommodation, Mexico has long been known as a budget travel destination. Many travellers, especially Americans, esteem it as a cheap place to vacation. These can stretch their American dollars in a myriad of ways; a dollar can go far when spent on amazing activities and authentic Mexican cuisine. The real money-savers are places off the beaten track, where you can spend the evenings on beaches away from the expense and hustle and bustle of Mexico’s larger communities.

  1. Palawan, Philippines

This Southeast Asian archipelago has 7,107 islands of varying sizes in three main island groups and a number of smaller regions for budget travellers to choose from. Tropical and hospitable Philippines is increasingly surfacing as a top destination at the start of 2017 for its low daily cost of living or accommodation, and well-kept tourist attractions such as El Nido, Palawan or the only white-sand beach in the world: party and nightlife center Boracay Island. The minor forays using other transportation like boats or ferries to secluded spots are worth it.

  1. Havana, Cuba

The last wallet saver on our list of travel destinations on a budget is the fascinating Caribbean island nation of Cuba. The Old Havana charm of the place, with its ubiquitous pastel-coloured houses, vintage 1950s cars, and dance and cabaret clubs may be exciting, but prepare to sacrifice a few luxuries and manage your spending. Money matters are a more delicate topic here than in our other travel destinations, with exchanges and ATMs being rarer. Cuba’s two kinds of money look alike and can buy you most services and amenities at a good price.

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