A Guide to Selecting the Best Dentist in Phuket

In Phuket, dentists are a blessing for Aussies. The cost of dentistry in developed countries is skyrocketing. Dentists in Phuket charge a nominal amount for treatments. However, travelling to Phuket just for dental work may not make sense to everyone. But considering the savings, you can take a mini-vacation and get your treatment at the same time. As an example, dental implants cost around AUD $5,098 in Australia, while in Phuket, you can get implants for AUD $2,630. The prices are low across the board. You just need to pick the right dentist.

Plan Your Trip in Advance

One of the most important aspects of selecting a dentist in Phuket is to plan your trip in advance. Minor procedures allow you to travel immediately afterwards. But, there are some procedures that require you to rest before you can make your way back home. Therefore, have a detailed discussion about the procedure with your dentist. In Phuket, dentists are fluent in English and can explain the treatment in detail. Since you are travelling to Phuket, you will travel around to see the sights. Reserve the travelling before your dental appointment.

This way, once you get the treatment, you will have a few days to yourself to rest. Planning your trip in advance will also allow you to select the most convenient accommodation option. If you are travelling for a procedure, such as implants, you should find lodging close to the clinic. As long as you book the hotel in advance, you will not face any problem. This is because many dental clinics are near popular tourist spots.

Get a Thorough Exam Before the Procedure

Before you opt for treatment in Phuket, you should get a thorough dental checkup. You need to be of sound oral health before you can get any dental procedure. Getting a dental checkup prior to travelling will save you a lot of hassle.

Dentists and Staff in Phuket Speak English

One of the most common concerns for many Aussies is the language barrier. Rest assured, in Phuket, dentists can communicate effectively with you in English. Moreover, the dentists there acquire their credentials from reputed institutes in the country or from abroad. The dental staff there at the top clinics is also fluent in English.

Clinics Are Reputed and Reliable

Many dental clinics in Phuket have an international clientele, as they maintain an international standard of treatment. They have qualified staff and experienced dentists on their team. Furthermore, the clinics invest in the latest dental equipment. Some clinics even have special facilities for certain procedures. Experienced dentists operate these facilities. If you plan to travel to Phuket for your dentistry needs, you should consider these clinics:

  • OrthoSmile Dental Clinic
  • Smile Signature
  • The Ivory Dental Clinic

How Do Clinics Maintain Low Prices?

One of the most common concerns for Aussies seeking dental treatment is why the clinics keep their prices low. Many even believe the low prices come at the cost of quality. In actual, clinics keep their prices by keeping their operating costs at a minimum. Here is a look at how they maintain a low operating cost:

Stiff Competition

The government extends support to the dental clinics since they bring in tourism. The government keeps the regulations relaxed for these clinics, which allow them to buy cheap materials. Simultaneously, the government encourages competition amongst the clinics. The clinics keep their prices low in order to attract more patients from abroad. But what ensures that the clinics maintain their quality?


The clinics in Phuket rely heavily on word-of-mouth and repeat clients. Therefore, they do not just rely on a low price to bring in customers, but they also ensure quality. This allows the clinics to form a strong patient base, both locally and internationally.

If you need to set an appointment in Phuket, dentists there are among the best in the region. For more information, you can check out Dentists in Phuket.

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