Haven’t yet been on a cruise? You’ve been missing out

Cruising is undergoing a revolution, and travellers from all walks of life (and all age groups) are trying cruising for the first time, loving it, and immediately planning another cruise. Why? Because cruise companies have tailored their cruises to a wide range of interests and age groups. No longer is it the domain of older travellers, and instead, it’s a fun, relaxing way to see the world.

Often, taking a vacation is one of those things that will sound like the perfect idea in theory. Then all of a sudden you realise how much work goes into planning a trip away. You’ll need to check all passports for validity, book your flights, get to the airport and get through security, and then spend precious time checking in and out of hotels.

For many people, the whole point of going on vacation is to unwind and enjoy themselves. But the stress associated with many vacations can make it counterintuitive. This is why so many of us are desperate for a nice break, but also don’t want to deal with the idea of planning a vacation.

The answer? Cruising. Here’s why:

You’ll save money

Cruising is a cost-effective choice for most travellers. While the initial price of a cruise may have you raising your eyebrows, once you divide that price by the number of nights you’re cruising, you’ll see that it’s actually an economical way to travel. Consider that a cruise includes your accommodation, food, entertainment, and transport, and it’s easy to see just why it makes sense to take a cruise. Sure, you’ll need to pay for alcoholic drinks and tips, but cruising remains one of the best ways to travel for people hoping to save money.

For people who are watching their budget, cruising is a great way to avoid needing to constantly open your wallet since most of your vacation is paid in advance. You can even pre-pay your gratuities and day tours, which will allow you to easily budget for your vacation and avoid any surprise expenses or money stresses while you’re away.

It’s super convenient

Most of us only have a few weeks of vacation time each year. That means we should be making the most of every minute. Instead of spending time waiting in long lines in the airport, checking in and out of hotels and packing and unpacking, you’ll be able to immediately begin relaxing the moment you arrive on your cruise ship.

There are so many destinations to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a cruise that suits you. You can even go on a Norwegian fjords cruise, or head to New Zealand, the Greek Islands, or Alaska.

The facilities are top-notch

Some people worry that they’ll get bored on a cruise. But the fact is, you’ll be arriving at a new and exciting destination almost every day. While you may have one or two days at sea, you’ll likely to be looking forward to these after spending so much time being a tourist in each port. These ships have everything you need to enjoy yourself, including shops, cafes, pubs, nightclubs, libraries, pools, spas, cinemas, broadway-style shows, gyms, and more.

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