How can tradies keep fit and healthy on the job?

Keeping yourself fit and healthy is a great way to maximise your productivity. Fitness keeps you in shape to take on the toughest challenges at work so that you enhance your brand name and credentials. It also eliminates any loss of earnings that you may encounter if you fall ill and need to take a break. Keep in mind that ill health may prevent you from taking up certain kinds of projects, and that blunts your competitive edge. For the sole owner of a tradesman business, good health paves the way to business success. Make use of these seven tips to stay healthy on the job.

Tip 1: Eat healthy: Skipping meals because of job pressure or eating junk food while you are on the run is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. Make time for a good breakfast before you leave for work, and make sure you eat heartily during the day too. Even when you are on the move, eating on time and eating healthy should be a priority item you do not compromise on.

Tip 2: Exercise regularly: An active lifestyle is no excuse to skimp on exercising. Plan a regular exercise regimen and stick to it no matter what. Tradie lifestyle is often tough on the body, and exercising helps you avert the health hazards that are part and parcel of the job. By strengthening yourself with regular workouts, you can reduce the chances of sprains, scuffs, and pulls that you sustain in the course of the employment.

Tip 3: Protect yourself from the sun: One of the most significant health risks you face as a tradie is over-exposure to the sun. Yours is essentially an outdoor job, and you cannot avoid sun exposure. What you can do is to take adequate protection to ensure safety. Use of sunscreen to protect your skin, good head covering and light, breathable work clothes are essential. Also, stay hydrated to ensure that your body does not over heat while you are working outside in the sun.

Tip 4: Address health problems immediately: The nature of your job is such that your body is subjected to wear and tear rather substantially and for long durations. Wrong posture while you are carrying out routine tasks can magnify serious damage to key body parts. A good way to identify and correct bad posture is to check with your physician at the first sign of pain. Learn what could possibly be causing the pain and the ways in which simple posture corrections can get rid of it and avert future problems.

Tip 5: Take breaks from work: Overworking is a huge health hazard. No matter how much work is piled up, make sure you take breaks that help you refresh your mind and body. Even a short break can be very rejuvenating and help you work with greater productivity when you return. Also, plan vacations from work every year so that you have a good work-life balance. Hiring a good team that can handle things well in your absence makes it easier for you to take vacations and breaks.

Tip 6: Adhere to safety norms: There is no compromise here. Make sure you and your team follow all safety guidelines every single time, be it within the office or on work sites. This includes using the right safety gear or setting up safety net systems at project sites. Routine maintenance of equipment or repairs and replacements are done efficiently can also safeguard your health at work. It could also be the deployment of proper safety personnel to verify these aspects. Safety first should be your motto and that of your employees.

Tip 7: Keep stress away: Good mental health promotes physical fitness too, and for this, you should be stress-free. Stress can affect your sleep pattern, eating habits, and overall health drastically. Keeping stress away allows you to retain your mental acuity, which is essential for good decision-making. Protecting your business against risks is one way to eliminate workplace stress. Make sure that your employees get proper training before they go out on jobs. Consider covering your business with the right insurance, such as public liability insurance, to safeguard it from the financial impact of client lawsuits. All of this help you keep your stress levels under control. You can learn more about business insurance here.


A tradesman’s job is a creative, challenging one that requires that you are capable of peak performance at all times. You need to be on your toes to grab the right opportunities and deliver the best to clients so that your brand gets the spotlight it deserves. To do this and to ensure you don’t miss any chance to grow, you need to be in good health too. Use these seven tips to ensure that you are ready in mind and body to take your business to the top.

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