Las Vegas will dazzle you with its extravagance

Reinventing Vegas

Up until fairly recently in Vegas’s history its reputation has been one of gaudy neon lights, tacky motels, and quick-fix guilty pleasures. Many of Vegas’s hotels could still be described as bold, brash, and a little OTT, but their level of extravagance and luxury status has certainly improved, due in part to casino developer and hotel magnate Steve Wynn. His vision for a bolder, brighter, and more luxurious Las Vegas has seen the city transformed into the metropolis it is today and, while many people may have seen his plans as adventurous, ambitious and a gamble, they have certainly paid off; few can now dispute the fact that his visions have completely revolutionized the city. With other hoteliers, casino bosses, and entrepreneurs following suit, Las Vegas’s reinvention is far from over.


Finding a little luxury in Vegas

So what is there to do in Vegas if you are looking for a little extravagance? First of all, you will need somewhere to stay. When many people think of Las Vegas their first thoughts will be of themed hotels, opulent casinos and shows that will knock your socks off; more often than not, though, those three elements go hand-in-hand to create some of the most extravagant accommodation to be found on the planet, and booking a room at the Bellagio, Wynn Resort, or any of the beautifully detailed themed hotels is as exciting as the stay itself; want a hotel room with a view across the neon lights of the Strip? Vegas can offer that. Fancy a room decorated in a baroque style, with a Mexican eatery downstairs? You can in Vegas. If you want a bath that is bigger than your whole house back home, have always dreamed of dining on exquisite seafood 24 hours a day, or long to have gelato brought to your room at 3am, Las Vegas is the place where fantasies happen. In terms of dining, Vegas is not just the place to be for tasty American food. In Vegas you will find cafes, restaurants, curbside stalls, and bijou eateries devoted to a whole world of cuisine – quite literally. In Vegas there is luxury in every mouthful, at every meal, and you will probably never eat your evening meal while surrounded by dancing fountains, or sample dessert while one of the world’s biggest musical stars performs, again.


In terms of activity, there are few things in Vegas that do not pop with glamor. The casinos are a given, of course, while luxury spas can be found on many of the city’s boulevards, and the shopping is some of the most extravagant on the planet. One thing that you should not leave Vegas without experiencing is one of the city’s many shows; from the phenomenal Cirque de Soleil and some of the most thrilling Broadway musicals, to performances from renowned comedians, magicians, and some of the biggest names in music, Las Vegas has something to excite and enthrall. Britney Spears and Celine Dion, for example, are just two of the global names to have had headline residencies in Vegas recently, and huge stars are gracing its stages every night of the week. Another must-see, or rather must-have, during your stay in Vegas is a pool cabana, a private world of luxury located just meters from your pool’s clear waters; while relaxing by the pool is the height of luxury for some, you have not lived until you have lounged in your own cabana and been waited on for the duration of your stay.


Away from your hotel, luxury supercar driving experiences, golf, cookery classes, and wine tasting are just some of the many other activities that you can partake in, while flying over the Grand Canyon is the stuff of dreams. Where else in the world can you race a Porsche around a track, play a round of golf on a perfectly manicured course, and then take in a cocktail or two in front of dancing fountains. You would be hard-pressed to find anywhere quite as spectacular as Vegas; the levels of luxury are hard to outdo.

It is not over yet…

Even Vegas’s nickname the ‘City of Lights’ exudes glamor and extravagance. It is a city of opportunity, a hub for everything showbiz, and somewhere to soak up a little luxury away from the normalcy of your everyday life. Everything in Vegas is bigger and better and, while this used to equate to little more than the cheesy shows and lunchtime specials on offer, the phrase now refers to the city’s towering hotels, extravagant eateries, shows that are out of this world, and the many exciting opportunities for adventure; even luxury can be done the Vegas way.

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