Natural Wonders of America

America is truly the land of all possibilities, no matter how you look at it. Shrouded in a veil of mystery and greatness, Americans have managed to truly build one of the greatest countries in the history of mankind itself.

Beyond the skyscrapers, Hollywood and the flashy Las Vegas, there is another America: one that was built by Mother Nature herself. An America that belongs to the world of beauty, grandeur and splendor. If you want to find out which are the greatest natural wonders of America, then you should definitely read on because every single one of them will be worth seeing.


1. The Grand Canyon. There is a very strong reason they call it “grand”- it is. There is nothing in the world you can actually compare with it. With a view unique in the entire world, this canyon seems to have been there ever since the beginning of time. The splendid colors, the grandeur, the beauty – all of these will make for a landscape that can hardly be forgettable in any way. If you’re game, a spectacular way to get a first hand look at this natural wonder is taking a Grand Canyon tour by helicopter.  If you do set your foot in America, don’t forget about this great, great wonder of nature because it will be more than just a canyon – it will be a life changing experience.

2. Acadia. This is a path that has been walked upon ever since the beginnings of America itself. The landscape here can take your heart away and you should be aware of this because you don’t know when you will actually be able to forget the image of this place. High granite mountains, an incredible and almost surreal gamma of colors and nuances, bike treks to keep you truly entertained – you’ve got it all here and it is all sprinkled with the relaxation only pure nature can offer you with.


3. Death Valley. Well, the name of this place will definitely sound grim to anyone out there – and it would be. But beyond the name, there is a place that is truly breath-taking. Arid and beautiful at the same time, Death Valley should be considered to be a celebration of life and of how it always strives through the harshest of the conditions. The oases here and the number of species that have managed to survive under these climatic conditions will be amazing and so will the sand dunes, the people who somehow try to live normal lives here and the grandeur of the entire place.

4. The Mammoth Cave. This natural wonder of the American land is undoubtedly one of the most peculiar, yet beautiful places you will ever see in your life. Almost like the setting of a horror movie, this cave is beautiful in its terrifying imagery and in the feeling it gives you. Definitely worth paying a visit!

5. The Yosemite Valley. If there was one word only to describe this place, “majestic” would be quite close to it, but still not enough. The almost vertical walls, the million-year glaciers and the aweing view are just a small bit of what you will experience from the very moment when you set your foot upon this stunning piece of natural treasure.

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