Packing Tips for Ladies

Traveling can be hard work, for a host of reasons. One of the biggest things women struggle with is planning their outfits and keeping their storage space down. It can hard. We want to look good, feel comfortable and have a variety of clothing that can handle any situation. With airlines charging more and more in baggage fees, packing minimally is more important than ever. Use these packing tips for ladies to keep your suitcase light and your outfits stylish.


1) Pack a Few Key Items

You can buy a few high quality ladieswear items that you can mix and match with other pieces to create even more outfits. I would suggest looking for a nice, flattering pair of pants. A wonderful, clean shirt that can be dressed up and down. Perhaps even an elegant piece of knitwear that can be paired with some scarves to change up the outfit. I personally prefer to spend a little more on these “basic” items, ensuring they fit well and will last the distance. I can then match them with cheaper items for a refreshing overall look. House of Bruar have a wide range of items that will be suitable for this purpose.

2) Use Packing Cubes

Perhaps you can’t minimise what you need to take and need an inventive way to fit it all into your suitcase? Well I’ve been using packing cubes for the past year and I’ve noticed they make such a considerable difference. Beyond fitting more into a smaller space, you can also better organise your clothes, ensure they stayed rolled rather than getting squished into random corners of your suitcase.


3) Minimise the Number of Shoes

It can be tempting to take a pair of shoes for every occasion, but that would almost be impossible at least for one suitcase. Try to stick to three pairs, if you can. Some shoes can have multi uses. You can use flat, sport styled sneakers as both walking shoes and shoes for adventures. You can use nice sandals for the beach and for day-wear. Be creative and try to minimise the number of shoes you take and this will make a big difference to your suitcase, weight, and happiness – trust me, lugging around a massive bag is not a fun way to spend a holiday.

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