The Pet-Sitting Secret: Making Money for Travel on the Side


We know, you’re sick of hearing travel stories because you still feel like you can’t afford to go where you’d like. But, oh, you can afford to travel — it’s time to expand your toolbox to boost your income.

Here’s a little secret: Pet lovers can get paid to care for other people’s dogs, cats, and other animals. And it’s not hard to find these gigs. makes the process so easy and simple, you’ll kick yourself for not starting sooner.

Getting Started

Rover protects its users on both sides of the equation. New sitters go through a background check, and each sitter application must be approved by a team of experts. You’ll include your background and experience in pet care, whether you’re a complete expert or newer to the game.

The upside is that this rigorous process makes Rover sitters the most trusted in the business–and you’ll also get the benefits of the site’s 24/7 support, insurance coverage during your stays, and secure payment processing.

Filling Out Your Profile

Your love of travel is hardly peripheral to your dog-sitting dream. Many of the owners who use Rover are frequent travelers themselves, and they want sitters who understand the unique demands of the travel lifestyle. They’ll also want to know why you love dogs and what skills, passions, and experience you bring to the role.

The RoverGO track features added support, and professional assistance writing your profile so you can really make yourself stand out.

Communicating Clearly

Once you’ve scheduled your availability and set your rates, you’ll start being contacted by owners. Getting and maintaining clients requires clear and consistent communication. Respond quickly on the app, and be upfront about your capabilities and capacity. If the situation seems right for you, set up a Meet & Greet to get familiar with the pet and owner.

Be friendly and attentive when you meet up, and keep careful track of all the owner’s communications and requests. Your job will be to follow everything you’re asked to do, and to follow up regularly during the stay.

Growing Your Business

There are lots of ways to grow. You can branch out and offer additional services, like dog-walking and doggy daycare. Positive reviews will boost your ranking in search results. Over time, you’ll acquire repeat clients. And you can raise your rates whenever you’d like.

Once the paychecks start rolling in, your travel nest egg will soon be able to fund that trip you’ve been dreaming of. Set your Rover profile to “away,” hop on your flight, and go. The world awaits!

Written by Nat Smith, community member. Rover is the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.

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