How to Plan and Book a Vacation as a Savvy Solo Traveler

When we think of vacations, we often think of time spent with friends and family.

However, the emerging trend of solo travel is starting to make a whole lot of sense once you stop and consider the benefits, including:

• The freedom to do quite literally whatever you want, not tied to anyone’s plans or schedule
• The ability to truly reflect, be alone and spend some quality time with yourself
• Keeping money in your pocket: after all, having to accommodate one person obviously means that you can travel with a smaller budget

Whether you’re taking your first solo trip or are considering a getaway for one, take the following tips with you on your next journey.


Spot Deals on Hotels
Perhaps one of the more obvious disadvantages of solo travel is that you can’t split the cost of a hotel with someone: that being said, you can still find fantastic deals on hotels if you know where to look. Alternatively, there are an incredible amount of RCI Timeshare locations so that may be something to consider.

For example, an Oyo Rooms promo code may be the difference between finding a room within your budget and being able to make your trip financially realistic. Likewise, a proper hotel that provides accommodations such as free parking and breakfast can help you save even more in the long-run.

Stay Safe
Obviously saying safe is a top priority for those traveling alone, so make sure that you do a combination of the following before and during your trip:

• Scout your location ahead of time to make sure you’re not staying in a crime-ridden area (a simple Google search can give you insight on crime statistics, for example)
• Minimize walking alone and try to avoid staying out late at night if possible (in the case that you are by yourself, perhaps consider public transit or an Uber)
• Make sure to keep your phone charged and on your person at all times in case of an emergency

In fact, the rules of staying safe during solo travel aren’t much different than those you would follow if you were traveling with others.


Pack Light
Another added bonus of traveling alone is the fact that you can pack light. Likewise, leave your expensive jewelry and luxury items at home so you can travel with peace of mind and not worry about potentially losing them. Packing light can also help you save on airfare if your airline charges for checked baggage.

Don’t Let Yourself Get Lonely
Just because you’re traveling alone doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up in your hotel room. Take the time to talk to locals: for example, sit at the bar when you go out to eat or take day tours with a group to ensure you have some form of human interaction every day. After all, small conversations can lead you to new attractions and adventures.

Be Flexible With Your Budget
While having wiggle room in regard to your budget may seem like backwards advice, consider that your solo journey should have a sense of spontaneity to it. Since you’re already saving by traveling solo, don’t let your budget hold you back from doing exactly what you want to do while on vacation.

Traveling solo can be a thrilling experience, granted you have a game-plan. Make the most of your next solo vacation by booking the proper hotel to give yourself peace of mind while also keeping an adventurous spirit as you take in the local sights.

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