Preparing for a Trip to a Big Tourist Attraction Like the Niagara Falls

Over the years, we have visited all kinds of places. Some have been off the beaten track. Others have been major tourist attractions. We have enjoyed visiting both kinds of destination. However, you do need to plan carefully to get the most out of each experience. This is especially the case when visiting the busier tourist destinations like Niagara Falls.

Book your accommodation in advance

For example, if you want a Fallsview room at the Marriott on the Falls hotel, during peak season, you need to book well in advance. These rooms fill up fast, so you have to get in early if you want a room with a view.

Book your tours early

The same is true of a lot of the tours. Between June and August, which is peak season, the number of visitors is staggering. As a result, the queues for the major attractions like the Hornblower Niagara Falls Cruise and the Journey Behind the Falls Tour can be hours long. Plus, of course, you run the risk of being disappointed if there is not enough capacity. If you pre-book your tickets you can avoid the queues or worse not being able to take the tour at all. Most of the tours and attractions can be booked in advance. Usually, as part of an attraction pass deal.

Consider buying an attraction pass

Buying one of these passes will usually save you a quite a bit of money. This is the case even if the pass includes attractions you are not planning on visiting. In most cases, the discounts are deep enough for you to still be able to save money.  These multi-attraction passes also give you the option of being flexible and experiencing more of what the area has to offer.

There are several Niagara Falls attraction passes available. The packages change regularly, so we are not going to mention specific passes here. A pass package that is available this year may not be around for next season. However, what we can say is that, usually, these passes allow you to enjoy several attractions and do so at a low cost.

Plan your transport

Once you have decided which attractions you want to enjoy it is important to plan out what order you are going to see them in. A big part of this process is working out what the transport options are. If you are going to use taxis or hire a car you have complete freedom, so can take a more flexible approach. However, this can be expensive. The area has good public transport connections. You can find out more about the buses and schedules from this site.

Stay for a few days

There is a lot to do and see in the area, so if you can, stay for more than just a couple of days. Doing so will enable you to see more than just the Falls themselves. In the area, there are several casinos, interesting and unusual museums, theme parks and many more attractions for you to enjoy. Plus, the fact that you are staying in a State Park means that there is plenty of wonderful wildlife and beautiful vistas for you to enjoy.


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