To Rent Or To Buy Your Summer Bubble?

A lot of people can afford a few nights away from the city fuss or the 12-hour constant shifts, but only a few have taken into account the following prospect: Not only going on with renting a cottage or a double room for their holidays, but buying the place instead. I figure you wouldn’t actually give a second chance to such a venture; it may though prove to be a great investment for you and your offspring. Let’s consider our options more spherically and discover what the final choice depends upon. At the end of the day though it’s all about taste, priorities and..wallet!


You’ve, after all, come across a dream villa or a mansion for some both luxurious and relaxing moments during summer breather or Christmas break. So what? You can’t even afford buying its yard. No problem at all! That shouldn’t spoil your mood whatsoever. You may as well rent one for a week or so or even for a longer period of time. I know you might be thinking now that I must be kidding. The answer is “No, I’m not”! For instance, astonishing Clubzak Mykonos villas are just a click away and all you have to do is to book yours sooner than later. They are there for you all year round and if you make your reservation well in advance, you can indeed have a huge profit because the early bird catches the worm as they say. Those beyond belief Mykonos villas by Clubzak are in a class of their own. Besides, they’re not all the same. Some are located just a mile or two away from Mykonos downtown, while others are found in absolute peacefulness and remoteness. No matter what your taste is, you’ll be left speechless after departing such a place.  Some mansions are ideal for parties, bachelors or bachelorettes and company meetings. Alternatively, other ones are ideal choices for couples seeking to spend some time together and experiencing their romance. Last but not least, if swimming is your profession, Olympic-dimension pools are maybe the places that will appeal the most to you.


It goes without saying that hiring is not the cup of tea for all of us. Despite the fact that obtaining a cottage, a flat or even a whole island will require a bank account with a balance of at least six or seven digits, some individuals are more than willing to proceed with such an extravagant and prodigal expense unless they plan to pay a visit to numerous destinations every year. That is, in case you have fallen in love with a Hawaiian resort or a Greek island and you love stopping over there every once in a while, then you should draw the extra cash for your peace of mind. Once you buy your own place, you won’t have to rent rooms and suites anymore and cease being a burden to your friends’ shoulders. In fact, you’ll get more relatives and “friends” who would desire to be hosted at your new mansion. Bear in mind that Cyclades, Greece and more specifically the island of Mykonos offer well-appointed villas by Clubzak. Their starting price is approximately 1,000.000€; that depends on many factors though and not the whole bunch of them is for sale. Nevertheless, you don’t need to start muttering as the ones on offer are more than enough and should suit the most demanding sense of taste.  Whatever you choose, make sure you have a great time as travelling is the ultimate way of widening our mental horizons and amusing our souls. Don’t miss out on such an opportunity!

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