Road Trip Prep – 5 Things to do Before You Hit the Road

Road trips are absolutely my favourite type of holiday – what’s better than your favourite sound track, a group of great friends and a flexible adventure? Almost nothing! The great thing about a road trip is you can find one that fits your budget and how much time you have available. Only a few days? Then a road trip somewhere a few hours away. A week or more? You can do a lengthy road trip to a relatively far away destination or fit in a few destinations in the same trip. Before you head off on your next road trip, there are a few essential things you have to check on your car before heading off to ensure a safe road trip. Here are my top 5 things to do before you hit the road:

1. Check your Tyres
Tyres are the point of contact with the road, so they get a lot of wear and tear. The simple truth is that tyres without a decent enough tread can be a recipe for a disaster, especially if you’re driving in less than ideal conditions, such as on wet roads. offer an extensive range of tyres at really affordable prices. If your tread is great, consider checking your tyre pressure before, during and after your trip – especially if you’re covering a lot of miles – to ensure your tyres are safe for the trip.

2. Check Your Brake Pads
When was the last time a service was done? If it was more than a few months ago, it could be worth getting your brake pads tested to ensure they still have a lot of life in them. Your brakes are something you absolutely need to be working well to ensue your safety during your road trip!

3. Oil it up!
While you’re getting your brake pads checked, why not do a complete service if it’s been a while? Things such as your oil may need to be topped up, to ensure that the car is properly lubricated. Check the water tank is adequately filled up. Before a road trip is a good time to make sure all these basics are in good working order.

4. Prepare Well
You’ll want to pack the essentials: snacks and water for the road trip, a car charger for your phone for the GPS, books and entertainment if you’re traveling with kids. A First Aid Kit is an excellent thing to pop in your car especially if you’re going to be away for a good amount of time, accidents eventually happen.

5. Music
This is one of the most important things for me for a road trip – a great sound track. While I love road trips, hours and hours on the road can get a little boring, but here’s where good music comes in. It helps to keep you focused on driving, provides a little entertainment (especially if someone starts doing karaoke) and creates a fun atmosphere in the car. I tend to keep all my music on Spotify, but get each person to bring some music to share that way everyone gets to listen to something they love!

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