The Most Sacred Spots on Earth

Taking a trip can be both relaxing and exciting, but why not extend your vacation to visit some of the most blessed places on the planet? If it’s cultural and sacred adventure you’re looking for, look no further. Listed here are the most sacred spots on Earth for your worship fuelled wanderings.

Whether you want to visit these places to affirm your faith or just to broaden your mind to what cultural and religious places are out there, here are the most sacred places to bring you closer to your spiritual self.

The Lotus Temple

The first stop on the list is the Lotus Temple, India. Although only completed in 1986, this has fast become a stomping ground for people of all faiths. Not only is it a place of tranquillity and peace, but also the architecture of the temple will blow you away. The mandala shaped design incites calmness as you approach and there are various places, inside and out, for you to go to meditate and appreciate your surroundings.

The Washington National Cathedral

Next on our tour of the most sacred spots, we’re heading to the United States of America. When thinking of Washington DC, it’s understandable that your mind goes to politics, stature and business, but there is a cathedral tucked on the corner of Wisconsin Avenue that offers numerous prayer services and webcasts online. You can explore your religion and understand what it means to be at one with God. The Washington National Cathedral extends its welcome to all faiths and invites you to utilize the house of prayer as you wish.

The Basilica of San Vitale

Sacred spaces are often known for their incredible design and decoration. One of the sacred spots that display some of the finest and most intricate of mosaics is The Basilica of San Vitale located in Ravenna, Italy. The Basilica is an early Christian church and is considered a hub for art lovers across the world. The site was constructed in 526 and completed in 548, and the mosaics added in 546, this makes the church an olden beauty that has left people in awe for thousands of years.

Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest)

Sometimes, we must work to see true beauty and enjoy sacred worship. Just a three-hour hike up the Bhutan mountains is all it takes to explore the Taktsang Monastery. Also known as the Tiger’s Nest, the monastery hangs off the side of the mountain with an incredible view of the forest below. Although you can’t take photographs inside, capturing the essence of the faith is entirely possible as tourists are welcome to visit the Tiger’s Nest and relish in the sacred space.

Visiting the most sacred spots on Earth is something that allows exploration of both the physical world and the spiritual one. Surrounding yourself with devotion and some of the most breath-taking structures can ignite a curiosity that takes you further than you had intended to travel. You may want to visit the sites to develop your knowledge of faith or perhaps just to appreciate some of the spectacles that come with it; either way, it’s an enjoyable outing for all.

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