Safe Travels: Looking After Number One

There you go: you have pushed the button and now you’re excited over doing your luggage and leaving on a “jetplane” for that amazing place you’ve been dreaming to see for ages now! Congratulations! You are about to make one of your dreams truly come true and these moments are always magical! However, don’t let yourself be caught by the wave too much. Regardless of whether you are home on your couch or on the other side of the world, visiting some ancient ruins, you should still make sure safety comes first. Which are the very best things you should keep in mind when it comes to safe travels though? Read on and find them out! 8446326042_f8a96ba986_z Travel Insurance – Just in Case… If there is one thing travelers forget about too frequently, then that is travel insurance. Purchasing a travel insurance policy can really get you out of a lot of trouble when you are abroad, among strangers. For instance, did you know that travel insurance can cover for the money you need to purchase new medication if you need it and you have lost it together with the luggage? Did you know that travel insurance can cover you for the days you paid, but did not spend where you were planning to stay because the weather conditions were awful? There are many things travel insurance policies to choose one but I recommend checking out  HBF travel insurance it’s a well known reputable company that have many great travel insurance packages to keep you safe along the way.6722541653_98d7b2b922_z Pay Attention with Your Money Few things are more annoying, scary and depressing than being thousands of miles away from home and with no money because you have been stolen. It is very important that you don’t keep all your money with you because this is how most of the tourists fall into traps and get robbed. Instead, withdraw only what you need from your card and leave the rest there. Also, make sure that you make a card at a bank present in the country you are visiting as well, because this way you will diminish the losses that come with withdrawing money from other ATMs than those belonging to your own bank. 3748516748_6f41098441_z Pay Attention to What You Eat OK, we admit it: traveling is a lot about experiencing the cultures you are visiting. And one of the best ways to get to “know” the locals is by eating their food. However, you should always make sure that you only eat from sanitary places and that you always ask what a product contains (just in case you are allergic to something). Never eat from vendors on the street, especially in developing countries because there is always a chance that you get a nasty food poisoning. Even when eating from perfectly sanitary places, still try to keep yourself balanced. Do not over-eat because you will come back home with a few pounds extra – and trust us, they can be really stubborn to shed!

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