Top Surf Spots for Beginners in Indonesia

Bali has long been on the bucket list of anybody who calls themselves a surfer. The waves here are among the best and most consistent in the world. The problem is that if you are a beginner or even a novice, jumping straight into the line up amongst the locals and pros that inhabit the top beaches here can be downright dangerous and many surfers has fallen victim to the unforgiving reefs here.

So leave the knarly reef breaks for the experts and begin your Bali adventure with these spots.

"Kuta Beach" by kampoeng on Flickr

“Kuta Beach” by kampoeng on Flickr


Kuta is arguably the most famous surfers beach in Indo. The long sandy coast is packed with fun waves and small swells perfect for beginners. If you are a complete first timer, book in to one of the many surf schools scattered along the beach. I promise you your visit will be so much more enjoyable if you start off getting taught the basics. Walk before you run. Surfboards can be hired from various locals along the beach, who are sometimes willing to barter a little, and if you get thirsty cold refreshments can easily be acquired from one of the mobile refreshment carts along the beach.


The sister resort to Kuta, the waves here are similar to Kuta’s averaging one to three foot. This spot is home to the Rip Curl School of Surf, which is one of the best in the business and definitely worth a look if you want to make the most of your time in the swell. There are also wave-riding courses on offer from the Surf Academy at the Legian Beach Hotel.

"Echo Beach" by Eghie Saschia on Flickr

“Echo Beach” by Eghie Saschia on Flickr

Echo Beach

Just half an hour in the car from Kuta, this is a spectacular site for sunset surfs. The waves here offer something for everybody, from beginners to pros and vary in size from one to six feet. The break is consistent and after sunset the spot comes alive with the Warung food stalls where you can grab yourself a cold Bitang or a tasty seafood grill.


So grab a board and get down to the beach, with these 3 world-class spots you will be stoking for months. Remember don’t get out of your depth and I would highly recommend a surf school if its your first time. You have to start somewhere, and what better place to do it than Indo!


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