The best travelling books to read

Travelling is one of the best experiences anyone can have. From the memories to create and stories to tell, travel and real money online baccarat have always been a big part of my life. I hope the following books will inspire you too. I love reading books, especially those that take me away from reality and into another dimension. The following titles are some of my favourite books that inspired me to travel. They also give great insights and encourage us to dream and explore. The article below seeks to give you the best travelling books to read.

How to Travel by Lonely Planet

This book was written in 1997 but it’s still relevant today. Published by Lonely Planet, this guidebook features travel tips, useful information and itineraries around the world. It’s ideal for beginners who want an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide on how to get started with their travels. Learn about places like Thailand, Indonesia, India, Australia, Africa, South America, Canada, etc. It also includes sections on how to save money while travelling. The book even gives useful advice on taking care of your health when travelling.

Be Yourself:

Discovering Your Authentic Self through Travel & Writing by Paul Theroux. In the 1980s, Paul Theroux wrote his first book ‘The Great Railway Bazaar’. This memoir tells tales of his journey across the Indian subcontinent as he visited remote Buddhist temples, trekked up mountains, sailed down rivers and met people from all walks of life. He writes about a time when adventure and self-discovery were at their peak. And his experiences made him think deeply about the meaning of human existence and the future of humanity. In 1991, he published ‘Dark Star Safari’ which followed in the footsteps of his last book ‘My Secret History’. His new book ‘Be Yourself: Discovering Your Authentic Self through Travel & Writing’ continues his interest in exploring other cultures and challenging orthodoxies. It explores the idea that we should go beyond our normal expectations and embrace diversity.

To conclude, these two books offer an insightful look into the lives of travellers, allowing readers to gain a greater understanding of the importance of travel and experience it. Also, read online casino books from to know the important strategies of online casinos.

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