The Three Types of Men’s Shoes You Should Take Traveling

Packing for a trip can be a right pain, but packing right can make all the difference. There’s nothing worse than being overseas on holiday and realising you don’t have the right gear to comfortably enjoy your holiday. This can be made even worse if you’re in a country where they don’t make shoes or clothes in your size, which is a real risk if you have exceptionally large or small feet! It’s just easier to prepare before you go, and you can find great savings online. Read on for the three types of men’s shoes you should take traveling:



Dress Shoes:

Even if you foresee yourself only on a beach, barely wearing flip-flops, there will be a time at least once when you get invited to a fancier club or are tempted by a fine-dining restaurant. If you fail to prepare for such occasion, even if it only comes around once or twice on your trip, it would be a right shame. You don’t want to be that one friend who’s unprepared, so no one can go to that fancy club that they’re interested in. Having at least one pair of men’s designer footwear with you, will allow you the freedom to go anywhere. So why wouldn’t you?



Whether you like flip flops or sandals is up to you. I prefer sandals as they provide a lot more support, and you can wear them around the day without feeling a jarring feeling in your back. There are a lot of different styles of sandals, and you can even find some that look good enough to wear around the city when you have a busy day of exploring. Men’s sandals can vary a lot in style and comfort, so make sure you find some that have some support, especially if you have back problems.


Casual Shoes:

No packing list would be complete without a pair of casual shoes that you can wear day to day. You might even be able to find a pair that are so tidy you can wear them as dress shoes – but good luck with that. When buying casual shoes you want to find a pair that have enough support that you can spend hours in them, and that are versatile enough to ‘suit’ a wide ride of outfits. Black shoes are a great choice, and while white shoes go with almost everything, they can be a real challenge to keep clean while on the road. Choose a good brand of casual men’s shoes because they’re probably going to get the most wear out of the shoes you bring along.

Packing for a trip can be a lot of fun, especially if you’re prepared in advance and order everything online well before you need to go. These three pairs of shoes will take you almost anywhere in the world – from the fanciest bars in Dubai, to discovering the stunning streets of Granada in Nicaragua.

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