Tips for Saving Money to Travel

Ah, travel is one of life’s greatest joys. Unless you were lucky enough to be born with a trust fund, chances are you’re going to have to work a little or a lot to get yourself to where you want to go. There’s nothing wrong with a little hard work, but it can be intimidated when travel feels like a far away dream. Personally I like to make a few small changes around my home and during my day-to-day life that add up to be big changes overall. Those changes are what allows me to travel so much, which we all know is a great thing. If you’re wanting to save money around your home, or just more money in general, check out these tips below:

1) Buy Ink Cartridges Online

Ink for printers can be really expensive. If you’re studying at university or living with young children, you’ll know how much paper you can burn through for a project. My suggestion is to buy your ink cartridges online with – they offer great value and great prices on ink cartridges online.


2) Stop Buying Coffee Out

Coffee is delicious. I sometimes joke that I’m “Coffee powered” in that I require coffee to start my day. I’ve been known to break a few bills at Starbucks, in just a day. A frap here and there can really add up. So before you start splitting your pay check on rent and coffee, consider making coffee at home or in the office for a fraction of the price. Sure, it wont be as delicious as something you pay 10 times the price for, but you can save your pennies and enjoy some Turkish coffee in Istanbul instead.

3) Make Your Own Lunches

Do you have a sweet spot for that cafe nearby, or for certain fast food brands? It can be tempting to buy food out because you save time on preparing it, but the costs really add up and I mean fast. Preparing your lunches at home can take a bit of time, but it will save you serious money and another benefit is that you know exactly what you’re eating. This is a great way to cut costs.

4. Use Ridesharing Apps

Planning some smaller trips, or perhaps a trip to visit family back home? Why not use a ridesharing app – whether to take people with you, or to join someone else’s ride. This is a great way to save money on trip that might otherwise be really expensive. are something you can even use when you’re on holiday to make a little extra money on the side.

Saving money is a big step for preparing for a holiday. The more you can save, the sooner you can go, or the longer you can go for. While it might seem hard giving up your daily latte, in the end it will definitely be worth it. Think long term and remember little by little.

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