Top Adventures in France

When you mention the word France to most females they have visions of sipping fine wine in Paris while basking in the glow of the Eiffel tower.

While France is rich in culture, romance and history, that’s just scratching the surface. If you think you will find yourself bored after a week or two of expensive dinners and museum walking here are some more exciting options to explore while in this spectacular country.

Take a Cycle Tour

There is a reason they hold the most famous cycle race on earth here. France is a cyclists dream. The landscape is beautiful and getting on your bike and injecting yourself into the culture provides a far richer and memorable experience than sitting behind the glass window of an overcrowded tour bus. Cycling holidays across France offer plenty of sightseeing opportunities along the way, and a great way to get your heart pumping.

Photo Credit: "Tour De France" by Arslan Zahid on Flickr

Photo Credit: “Tour De France” by Arslan Zahid on Flickr

White Water Kayaking

There are many options available in and around the French alps. With experienced instructors you will be gently introduced to the water in the calm lake waters, the once you have learned the ropes plunged into the adrenaline fueled rapids.

Get High

A hot air balloon ride over The Loire Valley is a spectacular way to spend the day. Treat yourself to a birds eye view of over 800 castles with a stunning backdrop of vineyards, rivers and fields.

This is a sneaky way to get some brownie points with your lady, while flying 100s of feet above the ground in a basket being powered by fire! Its romantic, yet badass at the same time.

Photo Credit: "Surfing in Biarritz" by Giovanni Francischelli on Flickr

Photo Credit: “Surfing in Biarritz” by Giovanni Francischelli on Flickr

Hang Ten

With over 300km of coastline packed with beach breaks, there are plenty of options for surfers. The surf town of Biarritz offers scene unmatched in Europe. Surf festivals are run every week or two at the towns main beach La Cote des Basques, which happens to be one of the best beginner/intermediate surf beaches on the planet, and is a top destination for a learn to surf holiday. Aside from the waves it’s a stunning city packed with restaurants and bars.

So there you are, keep your holiday to France exciting with these adventure travel trips!

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