The Top Five Must-See Sights along the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea alone is already a fascinating attraction. It is a geological wonder that is totally unique and can’t be found elsewhere. The experience of bathing in the Dead Sea is something most people aspire to. However, aside from the Dead Sea itself, the area also has a lot to offer. You might want to take the opportunity to experience the other sites and make your trip even richer and more satisfying.


  • Qumran


The caves of Qumran are considered historical. In 1947, a shepherd came across several parchments and papyrus containing documents that dated back as early as the 1st century BC. The Dead Sea Scrolls were found in the caves and they are the oldest surviving manuscripts of the Bible. Over the years, over 500 manuscripts were found in the cave and they were well-preserved.


  • Wadi David


This is one of the two valleys incorporating the En Gedi Nature Park. The place is rich in flora and fauna. It is best to start trekking from the waterfall heading to the En Gedi Spring. Northwest of the spring, you will find the remains of a 4th century BC Chalcolithic temple.  


  • En Gedi Beach


This is a public beach, which is perfect if you are visiting the area on a tight budget. It is considered a no-frills experience. Unlike the other places in the area where you have to pay, this beach is open for all. It also looks great, but there are lots of stones around the area, making the experience a bit uncomfortable. However, people visit the place mostly because of the En Gedi Spa. It provides spa treatments like sulfur pools.


  • Neve Zohar


This place is a one-stop shop that has everything you need after a day at the Dead Sea. It has a spa, hot springs, restaurants and relaxation area. This is also quite close to the Mezad Zohar, which boasts pretty and mountainous scenery. There are also some lookout points where you can have an excellent view of the Dead Sea.


  • Mount Sodom


You might have heard of the place Sodom, as it was mentioned in the Old Testament. This is the perfect place for adventure. There are hiking and biking trails. It is a unique experience as well in the sense that the mountain is located 176 metres below sea level. Climbing it means that you have climbed the lowest mountain on Earth.

The entire experience of the Dead Sea is incomparable. Add to that the other places you can visit nearby and activities that you can do, and this trip is totally worth it. Book your trip now and experience the rich history of the place.



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