Top Places in Europe for a River Cruise

There is something always romantic about Europe, regardless of which of the countries you are visiting. From Paris to Munich, from London to Moscow and from Stockholm to Athens, there will always be something beautiful for you to visit. Europe has its very own special kind of appeal, like an old lady who has so many stories to tell and that is precisely what attracts tourists from inside of Europe as well as from all over the world to visit it.
Elegant river cruise holidays are certainly among the very best very best ways in which one can visit Europe. The slower pace, the waves of the water, the spots you will see along the way – all these things somehow manage to catch the very essence of this marvellous continent that has given the world so many great things. Which are the best places in Europe for a river cruise? Read on and find out more.


1. Danube River 

The great Danube River travels through ten countries and its basin touches upon 9 more. Starting in Germany and going through countries such as Austria, Hungary and Romania, the Danube River overflows in the beautiful Black Sea and it makes its journey through some of the most gorgeous and historically-rich spots in all of Europe. If you choose Danube as the river for your next cruise, then you will have the chance to visit old German towns, the stunning Vienna, to experience the great Hungarian cuisine and to finally see the great richness in the Danube Delta in Romania.

2. Rhine River

Again partly in Germany, the Rhine River can offer you the trip of your lifetime as well. You can get the chance to visit wonderful German settlements, some rustic French towns (via the Moselle river) and to experience the openness and friendliness of Netherlands. Cologne, Koblenz, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Hinterrhein – these are just some of the names of the places you can see on a Rhine River cruise.

3. The Gota Canal

This canal is definitely not as well-known as the previously mentioned ones, but it will definitely make for a wonderful and relaxing cruise as well. The Gota Canal travels through Sweden and it can offer you with the chance of experiencing Swedish culture and places at a slow and steady pace. You will get to experience Scandinavia in a simple, yet beautiful way and the price for such a cruise can be quite affordable as well.


4. Elbe River

If you are into Baroque castles, then such a cruise will definitely satisfy your appetite for the beauty of these buildings. Elbe River cruises usually start in Germany and they end up in the Czech Republic, which offer you with plenty of places to enjoy along the road.

5. Volga River

For many of the travellers out there, going beyond a certain point in Central Europe is not an option. Yet, for those of you who want to discover the East European great culture and places, then the Volga River, the largest river in Europe, can definitely offer you with this chance with one of the many cruises organised on it.

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