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Searching for something else to read? Here are some of the blogs and resources I love:

A Luxury Travel Blog@luxury__travel For those who like a little luxury while they’re traveling, this is one of the most popular travel blogs on the web. Paul has been working in the industry for more than 25 years, and this blog is overflowing with stories and advice from around the world.

Suitcase Stories@Suitcases2 Nicole and Michael have been traveling since 2012, and manage to live a life of travel by housesitting around the world. Their blog is full of tips on how to achieve a life of permanent travel, without resorting to staying in hostels.

The Barefoot Nomad@barefootnomads Charles and Micki first left for a year long trip in 2003, and now they’re traveling full-time with both of their children. They’ve traveled around the world and have tons of stories to tell.

Bravofly@Bravofly Bravofly is my go-to when it comes to cheap flights and hotels. Unlike many search engines they also include results from low-cost airlines, reducing the amount of searching I need to do.

Compare Travel Insurance @EugeneInsures Browse this affordable, competitive and comprehension travel insurance website to find the best insurance for your next trip

The World is a Book@worldbooktravel Tales of an island girl traveling around the world with her two kids. Check out their tacky photos collection, or read some of their many travel tips.

Beers and Beans@BeersandBeans Despite its unique name, Beers and Beans is a travel blog, and here you’ll find tons of tips, plenty of travel lists, and a bunch of great stories from the road.

Aussie on the Road@aussieontheroad Chris is a 30 year old Australian freelance writer who first flew on a plane at the age of 23. He’s made up for it since though, and you’ll find tons of info about ESL teaching on his blog.

The Travel Hack@TheTravelHack The travel hack is a blog dedicated to inspiring others to travel, and showing them easy and cheap ways to make their dreams a reality. Monica is now expecting a mini travel hack, but has no plans to slow down her travels.

The Blonde Abroad@theblondeabroad An award-winning female travel and lifestyle blog, from a bikini-obsessed blonde traveler named Kiersten who quit her job in finance to travel the world.

World of Wanderlust@Worldofwlust Brooke is an Australian who runs WOW, one of the biggest and most successful blogs around, she’s on a year trip around the world, and currently writing a book about her adventures.

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