UAE Beckons!

One of the most coveted tourist destinations, UAE seems to be on every traveler’s list. If you are planning on spending a vacation making precious memories here, you must explore Dubai first! The city of golden beaches, the Burj Khalifa, and what one may consider a shopper’s paradise, Dubai is most certainly a city that will take your breath away. To acquaint yourself with a city as big and wonderful as Dubai, it is a good idea to consider the services of car rentals in UAE. It is convenient because you can travel the city by yourself and stay in some places longer than others. After all, a vacation is the time to relax and break free from all the rules!  Here are five places to absolutely not miss in Dubai:

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Burj Khalifa: The tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa stands at 829.8 mts. As you climb higher and higher, the city stretching out below your feet, the view only gets better. The observation deck promises not just the fantastic view of the city skyline, but also gives additional information about Dubai and the Burj Kahlifa through a presentation. The best time to scale this wonder is dusk as the city is drenched in magnificent lights.

Bastakia Quarter: Known to have held fort since the 19th century, the Bastakia Quarter was built for residence of rich merchants who sold precious pearls and cloth. These merchants had set their business in Dubai mainly because of the duty-free trading. Built in the style resembline Arabian architecture The Bastakia Quarters have an old-world charm and is home to wind towers. At a time when air-conditioning was unheard of, these wind towers ensured ample circulation of air. It is a must visit for those who like to lose themselves in a world that thrived centuries ago.

Dubai Creek: The beautiful expanse of water that enticed pearl divers to explore the depth, the Dubai Creek divides the city into Deira and Bur Dubai. The Bani Yas tribe settled on the banks of the creek in the 1830’s and started a new chapter in the history of modern Dubai. You can catch all the action, including the loading and unloading of cargo into dhows as old as a century. Tourists are offered rides and you can get trememdous understanding about the ways and means of sailors by living a tiny slice of their lives inside the dhows.

Jumeirah Mosque: One of the most beautiful mosques in Dubai, the Jumeira mosque is quite a magnificent structure. A replica of the Al-Azhar mosque situated in Cairo, this should top your list. Constructed using the ancient Fatimid technique, the stonework is splendidly intricate. As the sun sets and the mosque is swept in floodlights, its beauty is magnified tenfold. For a complete and error-free understanding of Islam, there are tours that commence at 10 am everyday.

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DubaiAquarium: Situated in the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Aquarium is home to approximately 140 species of sea world. Resplendent in their water abode, the underwater zoo enables a complete view of these exotic creatures by means of underwater tunnels. If you’d like a little bit of adventure, you can get a deeper glimpse into the water world by indulging in glass bottom boat tours (so exciting!), snorkeling, and shark diving!

Have a happy holiday amidst the gorgeous experiences in Dubai!

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