Where are the UK Expats Going?

It’s no secret that many people choose to live overseas each year. I’m originally from New Zealand myself but currently living overseas too. People move overseas for a host of reasons including better job prospects, for love or because they want to explore a new region of the world. You might have a few questions about why and where the typical UK expat is headed, if so the following infographic will answer pretty much all of your questions. You may be surprised to know that Australia is home to the majority of the UK’s expats. Furthermore, of those UK expats based in Europe, 75% of them, roughly, stay overseas for at least 4+ years, while the number is considerably smaller for destinations further away such as the US and Australia. 

So if you’re interested in moving abroad, check out this awesome infographic and don’t forget that it’s really easy to send money abroad ensuring your move is as seamless as possible.  

Where Are Our Expats 03.07.14 - V2


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