The Ultimate Adventure Holidays

Holidays are about making memories. You don’t have to be sunning yourself on a beach to have an amazing time. If anything, a sunny holiday can be instantly forgettable, with each break blending into another.

So, why not ensure you have the trip of a lifetime and embark on an exciting adventure, offering opportunities, sights and thrills you never thought possible. If you love to be active and want to make the most of your time here on Earth, here are some unforgettable adventure holidays you really must consider.


Grand Canyon Rafting Expeditions

Many people have seen the Grand Canyon with their own eyes, but not many people can actually say they have rafted through the Colorado River, making their way through the Grand Canyon ranks. Grand Canyon rafting expeditions will allow you to cover 227 river miles in eight days, coming up against 200 thrilling white water rapids in safety and style. The views are simply spectacular and there is action and adventure at every turn. You would have to be crazy not to put this unique expedition on your bucket list.

Trek Through the Himalayas

If you love an active holiday, the chances are you love the thought of trekking the Himalayas, and rightly so, because you will explore the highest mountains by foot, delving into the deepest gorges and experiencing the wondrous wild forests. There is no hiking experience quite like it on the planet, because you will also have an opportunity to experience cultures that have survived in the harsh mountain environments.


An Amazon Rainforest Expedition

You will not know where to look when taking a tour of the Amazon Rainforest, which you can explore by foot or boat. You can make your way through the untamed path of the jungle, before camping down for the night to listen to the sounds of the surrounding wildlife as you drift off to sleep. Expect to experience jungle mountains, hidden valleys and the cloud forest of the Amazon, providing unique experiences you couldn’t possibly forget. The expedition is bound to be challenging, but you will certainly feel happy and proud you pushed your body and mind to the test for this unparalleled adventure.

Safari Across the Serengeti

A safari across the Serengeti spans 12,000 square miles, taking you across rolling plains, beautiful open grasslands and rocky formations. Along the way, you will witness some of the most beautiful wildlife living in their natural habitat, including zebras, buffalos, lions, spotted hyenas and gazelles, plus so much more.

The biggest tourist draw to a Serengeti safari is the great wildebeest migration, which takes place in the Ngorongo area every December. Your jaw will drop when you watch thousands of wildebeest make their way across the south Serengeti to enjoy the rain-ripened grass.

Life is for living. So, go on a holiday that allows you make the most out of every spare moment, so you can look back at many fantastic memories when you are old and grey.

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