Vaping on the Go: E-Cig Summer Travel Tips

At home, you know exactly when and where you can vape without breaking laws or offending the delicate sensibilities of non-vapers. However, now that summer has arrived, you likely have detailed plans for an exciting vacation that will take you around the world and back.

Vaping during your travels may be significantly more feasible than traditional smoking, but that doesn’t mean you are free to vape anywhere and everywhere. To ensure you have a relaxing trip free from customs searches, you should consider learning more about traveling with e-cigs.


What to Pack

Every vaper’s rig is different, which means you probably have unique components you absolutely must have in your vaporizer. If you ascribe to Murphy’s Law (which you should, especially considering the danger travel poses to e-cigs), you should pack at least one extra of every element: atomizer, clearomizer, cartridges, wick, battery, mouthpiece, etc. Then, you will be prepared no matter which element breaks. Additionally, you may want to bring along some sort of carrying apparatus, like a case, lanyard, or holster, as pockets don’t provide your vaporizer the protection it deserves.

Because vacation can be hard on e-cigarettes due to the frequent jostling, varied pressures and temperatures, and high potential for accidents, it might be prudent to leave your expensive rig at home and opt for a handful of cheaper disposable units. Then, you won’t need to worry about losing or breaking the vaporizer you spent months planning and saving for.

TSA Guidelines

With inane rules like taking off your shoes and limiting your liquids, you might expect the TSA to have a dozen or more regulations on e-cigarettes: which varieties are acceptable, how they can be transported, which flavors are dangerous, etc. However, it seems that because the e-cig phenomenon is so relatively new — and the TSA is so outrageously outdated — the administration has yet to institute any rules regarding vaping and flying.

Perhaps the only true restriction that vapers must currently obey is the amount of e-juice they pack in their carry-ons. The amount of liquid a flier can possess is strictly controlled; most American fliers recall the 3-1-1 rule of three-ounce bottles in a single one-quart zip-top bag. This rule is true of e-juice, as well, which means you must be choosy when planning your vacation flavors.

Though liquid is the TSA’s only firm regulation, there are a few tips and tricks to make your (and others’) TSA experience less tiresome. First, you should consider taking your e-cigarette apart before the security check and stashing it with the rest of your electronics, like your laptop and phone. By being upfront about carrying your e-cig, you are less likely to attract attention from bored TSA agents. Additionally, you might want to refrain from vaping in-flight. Smoking on planes carries harsh legal penalties, and you should be considerate of the non-vapers around you and hold off until you land.


Destination Regulations

As the world continues to debate whether or not vaporizers are useful, healthy, good, and whatever else, nearly every city boasts different regulations on when, where, and how vapers can enjoy their hobby. In most places, vaping in enclosed, indoor spaces is as prohibited as smoking, which means hotel rooms, theaters, restaurants, and bars are usually off-limits. Additionally, in places where smoking is unpopular, many locals kindly ask vapers to partake only in designated smoking areas. Still, before you depart, you should investigate how your destination governs e-cigarettes, so you can stay out of trouble.

If you are eager to travel with your e-cig in hand, there are some destinations where vaping is whole-heartedly welcomed. Many Eastern European countries classify the devices as medicinal instruments and thus allow partaking any- and everywhere.

Climate Considerations

You might have already realized that you get the absolute best drags from your vaporizer when you are indoors at room temperature. This is because delicate electronics, your e-cig included, do not function at peak performance in alternate environments. Anytime it is too warm, too cool, or too humid, your rig has to work harder to provide you with a satisfying experience, and that extra effort can wreak all sorts of internal havoc in the delicate machinery of the e-cig.

Usually, vacations take travelers to climate extremes: tropical beaches, glacial peaks, and desert flats. While these places are abundantly enjoyable to visitors, they aren’t particularly kind to e-cigarettes. To keep your rig working well in any climate, you may want to remember the following tips:

  • Avoid carrying your e-cig in your hand or open pocket, where it is exposed to the elements.
  • Never leave your e-cig in a vehicle, where it can freeze or overheat easily.
  • Keep your e-cig sheltered from all precipitation, as water will destroy the electronics.

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