What Can your Immigration Lawyer do For You?

Let’s take a look at those times when an immigration lawyer is needed to make our lives a little easier.

While an immigration lawyer is not a legal requirement for most immigration matters, having one on your corner is most certainly useful in circumstances where you aren’t sure of the process or you cannot afford to waste time or mess up an immigration application.

In this article we’re going to break it down for you and get a little specific as to when you might choose to enlist the services of an immigration lawyer you can trust.

 What Can Your Immigration Lawyer Do for You?

Lots. Here are a few classic scenarios where the benefits of hiring an immigration lawyer most certainly out-weight the costs.


1. You’re in Immigration Court Proceedings

Uh-oh. If you have ever had to cope with legal proceedings that relate to “removal proceedings” – meaning that you are facing the possibility of deportation, then a lawyer is your best friend. Even if your legal proceedings are already underway, if they are not yet completed there is still time to save yourself from being deported. And in cases where legal proceedings in relation to your immigration status are over, you may still want to consider contacting an immigration lawyer.

2. You’re Relocating for Employment

More often than not, a company that is located in a foreign country from where your passport hails from will take care of your immigration papers and process. However, if they leave it up to you then it might be in your best interests to contact an immigration lawyer. So if you are trying to acquire a Skilled Migration Working Visa Australia, this is one of those prime examples where you should just bite the bullet and get legal assistance. In most cases your employer will pick up the tab, anyway.


3. You’re Dealing with Delays

If you are currently waiting on the immigration department or your consulate to approve and/or act upon your application for immigration for reasons beyond the law (and more to do with bureaucracy) –then it’s time to lawyer up. In other words, we’re not saying you’re being pushed around per se; but in cases where things seem to be running a little too lax for comfort, it’s time to call an immigration lawyer.

4. You’re Overwhelmed

Whoever said immigration was easy must have been an immigration lawyer, because the process of immigration comes with heaps of obstacles that can arise. Even the simplest immigration application involves detailed instructions, requirements, and gathering of other paperwork. And don’t forget the fees. Not sure which form you should fill out? Don’t chance it. Call an immigration lawyer.


5. What’s an Immigration Lawyer?

If you’ve read this far and you’re like, who, what? Then you might want to consider visiting http://www.huntmigration.com/ for a detailed background on the subject.

Hunt Immigration is able to help you, sure. But their website might also educate you a little bit, too.

6. You’re Inadmissible

Getting locked out? If you have been deemed “inadmissible” for whichever reason, we strongly recommend lawyering up with a competent immigration lawyer. They might be able to turn things around in time so that you don’t miss a beat.

Do you have any thoughts on immigration lawyers? Let us know in the comments!


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