What is Forex Trading?

The foreign exchange market assists international investment and trade by enabling currency conversion. The resulting foreign exchange market is the most liquid and largest asset class in the world.

The market operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, and turns over almost $4 trillion USD each day. The Forex Market has more opportunities than other markets. Unlike stock exchanges, you can access the system 24 hours a day throughout the work week. And since you’re trading electronically you can benefit without having to actually present, and can trade from the comfort of your own couch. There are now even mobile apps so you really can trade from anywhere.

Traditional investing through banks can indeed be profitable, however you need to have a large amount of capital and research, which limits how man people can have access to the markets. However with Forex you don’t need much capital and can begin trading with barely any restrictions and modest capital.


Forex trading also gives you better average, allowing you to open trades that are 200 times the size of your actual capital investment. And you also enjoy low transaction costs, especially compared to traditional institutions where you’re charged many different fees and service charges for each transaction.

Another great thing about Forex Trading is the ability to make a profit in both directions. We all know that in some markets the only way you can profit is by buying low and selling high, but with Forex you can actually sell a currency during the high first, and then buy it back once the market is lower.

For those who are worried about being dominated by larger competition, the Forex Market is far too big for this to happen. In fact, it’s so big that individuals, corporations, financial institutions and governments all find that the Forex Market is a more level playing field, allowing everyone involved to compete and benefit.


While you may assume that Forex is only for experienced traders, it’s also a great chance for beginners who want to diversify their investments and see excellent returns.

One of the things that makes Forex Trading so interesting is the fact that the market is continually evolving and changing, and impacted by events from around the world. Smart investors will keep up with global events and news and analyse what’s going on in the world to see what could potentially happen with their investments.

Every country is impacted by the political conditions that it’s experiencing, and these conditions affect the value of its currency. To trade successfully on the Forex Market, investors are interested in elections, economic reports and inflation as all of those things affect currencies and the Forex Market.

The small entry into Forex Trading, combined with the many resources available online like NSFX make it an excellent opportunity for beginners who want to learn as they invest. There are also demo accounts available so you can learn with absolutely zero risk.

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