What you need to know if you have had an accident whilst on vacation

When planning your vacation, probably the last thing you want to think about is the potential for accidents. However, risk assessment is just as important as the more enjoyable kinds of planning, such as where to stay, what to see and which places to explore. In fact, not considering possible risks and taking steps to mitigate them is a major risk. You may be putting yourself and your fellow travelers in a difficult position should an accident happen. Here are a few things to consider that will take some of the pain out of vacation accidents.


The need for protection

Property that has been carelessly maintained, to the point of negligence, can be the cause of slips, trips and falls – one of the most common types of injuries experienced in the home, in the workplace and – you guessed it – on vacation. Remember that falls can happen as a result of seemingly minor defects, such as a raised nail on a boardwalk, a broken step or a slippery aisle in a grocery store. Often, trips and slips don’t result in cuts and bruises alone – they can also cause traumatic brain injury.

Of course, sporting enthusiasts who love to ski, snowboard or climb mountains automatically make sure they have insurance cover for those dangerous sports activities. Whereas when you’re planning a road trip, a beach vacation or a city stay the need for protection may not spring to mind. That’s why a good vacation plan means it’s just as important to consider the way in which an accident might affect you and your family or friends, whatever the kind of trip you are undertaking.

Medical expenses

Medical treatment doesn’t come cheap and after an accident it may be necessary to get emergency medical help, see a specialist, take an ambulance, have bones reset or wounds dressed. In some cases repatriation may be required, depending on the nature of any injuries sustained. While U.S. citizens who are vacationing abroad can get help to locate medical practitioners and services from the relevant U.S. consulate or embassy, they remain liable for payment of medical expenses, which can represent a hefty amount if a stay in hospital is necessary, for example.

Many accident-related claims are to cover medical expenses, although the loss of income is also a common ingredient.


Before and after

Getting your insurance just right is very important when it comes to vacation planning. It’s useful to look for a policy that gives an extensive amount of cover at a competitive price. Shop around for competitive quotes and remember to match your intended vacation plans with the policy you eventually choose.

If you find there is a problem when it comes to resolving a disputed personal injury, then you should look for an experienced litigator who will do a great job on your behalf, seeking full and fair compensation, such as the Law Office of David I. Sinderbrand, LLC. With a reputation for successful and aggressive advocacy that stretches back to 1988, many of Mr. Sinderbrand’s clients seek him out as a result of professional referrals from doctors and lawyers as well as recommendations from former clients. As well as being accessible, and making sure the firm is available to visit accident victims at home if necessary, the company track record is excellent. For example, in 2007 the Law Office of David I. Sinderbrand LLC achieved a record-breaking slip and fall verdict for a client in Southern New Jersey of $5,821,147.93.

Other considerations

Sometimes when an accident happens you may not have the expertise you require immediately available, however there is a deal of comfort to be had from the fact that in many cases you have up to two years to file a claim, unless the accident happened on government property in which case the limit is likely to be 90 days. Of course, accident prevention is always better than having to deal with the fallout afterward, so always take care when traveling as even little things can cause a problem. If you or your party need to give consideration to specific conditions, such as pregnancy, disability, the age of travelers or existing medical conditions then make sure all these are covered in the arrangements you make. Intrepid explorers are already conscious of the need for protection for activities such as adventure travel as well as winter sports, so make sure you and your family members are covered for all the things that might apply to your trip. If something goes wrong – get the best legal help possible, as soon as you can.


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