Why you should visit Budapest

Forget London or Paris, the last few years has been all about more interesting destinations, and Budapest has officially blown up as a tourist destination. This is a city that works for a backpacker budget, and also offers plenty of luxury, so here are some reasons why you should visit Budapest:

The Price

Compared to many other popular cities in Europe, Budapest is affordable, with airlines getting on board and recently offering flights for much cheaper than they used to be. Once you’re in Budapest, AirBnb’s and hotels are also very cost-effective, and the Hungarians are practically giving away their beer- one of the reasons why so many guys have their stag do in Budapest.


The Cafes

Budapest has a massive cafe culture, with amazing bakeries and excellent coffee. Be sure to check out New York Cafe which is a must-visit due to the incredible artwork inside. The Lotz Hall Cafe is another great choice, and it was originally a magnificent ballroom and now a good place to stop for a piece of cake and cup of coffee after exploring all day.

The Baths

If you’ve seen any photos of Budapest, you’ll know that the place is famous for its many thermal spas, which are mineral-rich and popular with both tourists and locals. You can easily spend a whole afternoon here, and the most popular baths are the Szechenyi Thermal Baths, the Geller Bath, and Palatinus, all of which have interesting things to offer.

The Shopping

You may be surprised to learn that Budapest has excellent shopping. You’ll find plenty of small boutiques and new workshops all over the city, including Paloma, which is a bunch of teeny shops located on the first floor of a beautiful 19th century building. For vintage postcards, check out Rhododendron, and spend some time in the central city for more upmarket shopping like Prada and Michael Kors.

The Museums

If you’re someone who likes a good museum, you’ll be spoiled for choice in Budapest. The House of Terror is a must-visit, and commemorates the victims of both the Nazi and Communist regimes in Hungary. You can visit the cellars where the prisoners were both executed and tortured, and you’ll learn more about Hungary’s history here than anywhere else.

The famous Buda castle is home to an art museum, but for those who are interested in either war or medicine, take the tour of the underground bunker which runs underneath Buda. This was the main hospital during the war, and it’s still set up with all of the old medical equipment and beds, and tour guides who can give you a great idea of what life was like for all involved.

The Transport

The public transport in Budapest is top-notch, and you can easily buy a pass that will allow you to use the trams, trains, and buses for your entire stay. Google maps will also help you get around, and taking the tram from Buda to Pest or vice versa will give you excellent views of the city.

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