3 Tips for a Memorable Stag Do

Are you getting married and dreaming of your bachelor party? Maybe your best mate is getting married this year and you’re searching for the perfect recipe for a memorable stag do? This is a special time of year where you – or your friend – will have their last party before married life sets in. If you’re wanting to ensure it’s a memorable occasion, here are my top 3 tips for a memorable stag do that you will want to talk about for years to come:

1. Organize a Boys Trip
So often we make loose plans to travel with our friends, but never really get around to it. A stag do is the perfect excuse to make one of those trips a reality. I personally suggest heading somewhere that’s slightly cheaper than where you live, so you can have a blow out without breaking the bank. If you’re living in the United States, you’ll find your money will go much further in Mexico, for example. Likewise if you’re based in the UK, then you might want to head to the Czech Republic where the beer is cheap and the ladies are beautiful! How long you’ll go for and what you will get up to will depend on your budget, but I think it’s worth investing in a few special activities, like a pub crawl, going on a catamaran, or even renting out a house with a pool.

2. Get Creative 
There are fun, inexpensive ways to ensure this is a very memorable trip. You might want to invest in some quirky bachelor party things such as matching Tshirts and sunglasses. Bonus points if the tshirt has the face of the groom on it – that’s always a fun laugh. If you’re searching for that perfect bachelor party addition, feel free to click here now for more inspiration. If you’re the groom-to-be then it can be nice to get your groomsmen and best friends something special to remember this time in your life, something that they’ll use for years to come. You can get personalized hip flasks or lighters for an affordable price on Etsy.com and it can make for a special keepsake.

3. Take Photos
They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and I hope that’s true for your stag do. However it’s a special and fun time and so I think it’s worth documenting with photos. One fun way to document the trip or evening, is by investing in a polaroid camera – or borrowing one from a friend – that way you have actual physical photos from the evening or trip. I suggest starting out early with the photos, so by the time things get messy you’ve already got enough fun memories to treasure.

Getting married is a special time in anyone’s life, but you can make it even more special by giving them the stag night they deserve!

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