3 Home Hacks You Need to Know About

If you have a family, especially younger children, then you’re going to want to have some handy home hacks to ensure that they’re kept well entertained and that you balance your time between your different commitments. Here are my top tips for some home hacks that will make your family life easier:

1. Treats for the Dogs
If you have a dog in your home, or multiple dogs, then it’s easy for them to be left behind a little when children come into your life. You might not have as much time to walk them as before, and bored dogs tend to be destructive dogs. Having a few things in your toolkit to help deal with your dogs when you have young children or a busy schedule can make your life much easier. Wonder Chews are a great range of dog chews that not only help promote dental hygiene, but also ensure that your furry friend is not bored. Another thing I love having for my dog is a Kong, you can fill it up with yoghurt or peanut butter and freeze it.

2. Make Your Home Child Friendly
It can be a huge adjustment going from no kids to kids in your home and many things that you didn’t even pay attention to before, can become a hazard. You might have to make a few changes around your home to ensure that children are safe. For example, you might not even think about what a hazard your oven is, but if it’s not bolted to the wall and your toddler tries to climb it, it can lead to disaster. If you want to make your kitchen kid friendly, then there’s a great guide to get you started here: https://www.floridamommydiaries.com/2017/07/.

3. Think Safety Outside the Home
When you’re a parent, the outside world can seem scary – so many bugs and accidents you can’t really protect your children from. In order to prevent having anxiety, I only like to focus on the things I can control: I can buy an appropriate carseat for my child and ensure they’re safely buckled in. I can get good quality helmets that fit properly and ensure my children use them when riding their bikes or on a scooter. Focusing on what you can control is great because it’s a specific thing you can do to ensure that your children are as safe as possible. Check out https://bovemlife.com/ for a great range of cycling helmets.

If you’re planning to move at any point, then you know that it can be one of life’s most stressful events. That’s why one of the best hacks I know about is bringing the experts in. Check out this data around simple ways to make moving home easier.

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