3 Ways to Make Coming Home from a Vacation Fun

Have you ever had reverse culture shock? Maybe you’ve been away on a longer trip like I have, and found adjusting back into the daily grind hard. Maybe your most recent trip was only a few days long and coming home felt like a real bummer. Most people feel a bit sad when their vacations end, but there are a few things you can do to make coming home fun. Here are my top 3 ways to make coming home from a vacation fun:

1. Plan Stuff With Loved Ones
One of the best things about getting back from an extended trip is seeing your friends and family again. I personally find it best to organise some really fun things when I get home so that the shock of being back isn’t as strong. The kind of stuff you organize will depend on your hobbies and interests, but some fun things that make coming home easier are things like, Escape Rooms, Going to a show or performance, or even exploring your local museums and galleries. When we’re traveling, we’re so open and interested. We also spend a decent amount of money on activities because we know time is limited and we want to see as much as we can. Taking that approach in your home city can be a great way to keep the vacation vibe alive, and also ensure that you’re making the most of your time back home. Find friends who are interested in doing fun suff, and play tourist at home!

2. Relax and Recover
If you’re anything like me, then your holidays are go go go. Meaning that by the time you’re back, you’re almost ready for another, more relaxing vacation. Most of us can’t afford to go on back to back vacations, unfortunately, so we need to find ways to relax at home. One of my favourite things to do once I’m home is to get back into an exercise regime. I usually gain a few lbs when I’m on vacation so this is the perfect way to get back in shape and also to get those feel-good endorphins. If you really struggle to relax, you might want to explore natural ways to relax, such as herbals check out https://skunksoasis.comhttps://cannabisserie.org/ and westcoastex.net to purchase.

3. Bring Something Back 
Keeping the holiday alive can make you feel like it really happened! I like to bring things back from my trip that I’ll use every day, such as a special coffee cup or keychain that I’ll see every time I reach for my keys. Yes, it can be really fun to bring back the traditional tourist souvenirs, but bringing back things you’ll use daily will remind you that the holiday really happened and can teleport you back to that place in your mind. I also suggest printing out some of your favourite photos and displaying them around the home so you can enjoy your favourite memories on a daily basis.

Vacations are really fun, but it’s important to make the transition back home and into the daily grind as fun as possible too!

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