4 Jobs That Let You Travel More

One of my goals for the past few years has been travelling as much as possible. I’ve really enjoyed seeing more of the world, meeting some incredible people and eating delicious food in literally every corner of the planet. I understand traveling is a luxury and many of us struggle to figure out ways to fund that wanderlust. Here are four jobs that let you travel more, so you can spend your free time doing what you love!

1. Teaching English Overseas
Teaching English overseas can be a great option for being able to travel more and also living in a new country. Some of the most popular places to teach English overseas are South Korea, Japan and Thailand, but you can find work in almost every non-English speaking country. More and more people are also taking up work teaching English online and there’s a huge market for this especially with Chinese students. You can choose either route to be able to travel more and live in exotic destinations for a school year or longer.

2. Working as a Mover
You might not think of a mover as someone who gets to travel a lot, but if you’re a mover who works internationally – such as driving from country to country in Europe – or in the United States or Canada, you can end up traveling a lot for your job. The hours can be long, but you also tend to get some pretty great holiday days as well. If you want to get started with a moving job, click here to learn about interesting opportunities near me.

3. Own Your Own Business
If you’re currently an employee, owning your own business might seem like a bit of a stretch but there are so many ways to do this with somewhat low-ish barriers. You can buy into a franchise, which can be a great way to get started because there’s already a proven formula and the company will give you all the contacts and support you need for success. There are so many different options available, such as creating your very own Chuck’s Roadhouse. If you’re interested in the online route and have a product to sell, you can easily get started on Etsy – I have friends who sell handbags there and make a full time salary! Owning your own business is great because you can choose your own flexibility, within reason, to travel, allowing you to hopefully travel more. You might also have your own construction company already, if you do or are interested in construction, check out this great range of products https://www.johnsonscale.com/product-category/scales-balances/crane-scales-dynamometers/ .

4. Blogging
It’s obvious I love blogging – after all I have my own blog. It’s allowed me to earn a little bit of an income to be able to travel more. My favourite thing about having a blog is that I can choose my own hours and work from home in my PJs. It can be hard to make an income from your blog, but there are many different ways such as offering services or affiliates. All I need to be able to work is a decent Internet connection, my laptop and some coffee – you can check out this link for a great coffee subscription service https://natescoffee.com/gift-nates-coffee-subscriptions/ .

It can be challenging making a living and finding the time and money to be able to travel to your heart’s content but hopefully this list inspires you so you can find your perfect career.

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