5 Reasons to Visit Devon and Cornwall

Traveling to the United Kingdom can be an amazing experience regardless of what precise location you may choose. However, it is more than worth knowing that the beauty of the British lands go way beyond London and the other major cities in the country.

As a matter of fact, there are plenty of other charming spots you will absolutely love if you take a bit of time to know them. Devon and Cornwall are definitely among these pretty British locations.

There’s lots of reasons to visit Devon and Cornwall. We have gathered some of the best reasons – so read on if you want to convince yourself.


The food

If you want to experience the amazing feeling of eating fresh, delicious oysters prepared with great skill, visit Devon and Cornwall. In general, winter is considered to be the best season for this type of dishes, so it is definitely worth looking into having a Christmas or New Year’s Eve trip there.

Aside from oysters, there are also many other tasty things you can experience here – so you should not be afraid to go there if oysters are not your favorite food!

The Eden Project

Charming and absolutely amazing, the Eden Project is one of the best things to happen since, well, Eden itself. As one of the world’s most famous indoor rainforests, this almost miraculous spot will win your heart right away- and even more so if you visit Devon and Cornwall during the winter season, when you can go inside these “rainforests” and warm yourself up instantly.

The unequalled charm of the fishing villages

If you would love a really relaxing vacation, far from the madding crowd and into the silence of the quiet, mellow village of the British land, Devon and Cornwall are what you are searching for. There’s something remarkable, unforgettable and absolutely adorable about these villages that will bewitch you and make you want to come back again, and again, whenever you need to replenish your batteries!


The South West Coast

Looking for spectacular land and waterscapes? The South West Coast is an absolutely stunning place you will want to see then! Elegant, full of positive vibes and impressive from so many points of view, this part of Great Britain is meant to steal your heart away in the blink of a second. Now, this is the kind of place where you will have the chance to shoot a lot of spectacular photos, and there’s nobody to deny that!

Plenty of attractions

Aside from the aforementioned reasons to visit Devon and Cornwall, there are many other things that make the area such a well-sought after destination. From the Donkey Sanctuary to the Paignton Zoo Environmental Park and the Exeter Cathedral, there are plenty of amazing locations in the area – so you will have a lot of things to do and see, regardless of what type of traveller you may be! Just take a look at these fantastic attractions and you will be won for sure!

Reasons to Visit Devon & Cornwall


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