Seasonal gifts for travel enthusiasts

With the holiday season rapidly approaching and spending ramping up, you may find yourself looking to buy gifts for yourself or your travelling companions. While lots of travellers are keen to give up earthly goods and live for experiences, there are still some fantastic gifts to be bought for the intrepid adventurers amongst us.



A nice pair of sunglasses goes a lot further than simply looking good. With the proper amount of UV filtering, a pair of shades can prevent any sunburn around the most sensitive areas on your face and can help prevent eye strain or migraines.

If they’re the fashionable type, buy a pair of Tom Ford Sunglasses from My Glasses Guru for their next trip across the Greek Islands.


If the recipient of your presents is more inclined for rugged adventure through tropical climates, send them a LifeStraw. A water filtration device that is both light and packable, it can filter out bacteria from water sources and allow you to safely drink from all sorts of water sources. A fun gift, as well as a potential lifesaver on certain trips.



Any traveller will appreciate a good rucksack. From a smaller backpack to use as hand luggage to a trekking pack designed for multi-day adventures, a rucksack makes a great gift. They’re an essential buy for travellers, so gifting one helps keep the cost down for travel-enthusiasts when they’re putting together their essentials.


If your travelling recipient spends lots of time planning trips, buying them a visual atlas or globe is a great, thoughtful gift that will help them plan their travelling and tick off countries visited. A desktop globe is the perfect gift for any office-bound traveller – letting them sit back and wistfully plan their next trip.

Travel Diary

Of course, there are many travellers who don’t sit around and plan. There are some who jet-off around the world year after year, taking jobs abroad and building stories without any itinerary. Buy someone like this a travel journal so they can take down their experiences and recount them to you when it’s time to catch up. A thoughtful, heartfelt gift.

Plane Ticket

If you’re feeling especially generous, you can always offer to pay for a new trip. Plane tickets are often one of the most expensive parts of the trip. Buying one direct can be tough as you’ll have to find out when the recipient is free, but with a bit of research into where they want to go and what schedule they have for the upcoming year, you can end up buying them a ticket to the journey of a lifetime.


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